Medspin 2018 Has More Variative Competition

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UNAIR NEWS – Different from the previous years, MEDSPIN 2018 has more diverse competitions. Not only the Olympiad, the committee will also hold public poster and  MEDSPIN 2018 jingle cover.

“Our latest innovation is a public poster competition, while the jingle competition has been held two years earlier and it will be held again this year,” said M Abdurrahman Rashid, Head of 2018 MEDSPIN.

Furthermore, there will be public poster competition for group of 2-3 people. This competition can be followed by all of high school students, not only for science major but everyone from different majors can also join this event.

In this public poster competition, there were 4 sub theme: malnurition & metabolism prevention, malnutrition symptom, healthy nutrition preparation, systematic changes caused by malnutrition.

The judging for this elimination round will be conducted online and 5 selected team will enter the next round to promote their poster directly at MEDSPIN 2018 event.

“This public poster competition is still fairly new, but it already get a high recognition from high school students, so there were a lot of participants for this,” he explained.

There is also MEDSPIN jingle cover competition and it will attract the attention of high school students because it can be followed by groups of up to seven people and become one of the trends of today’s young people.

“Social media get huge recognition for millenials nowadays, like youtube, that’s why all of participants can upload their MEDSPIN jingle cover video there so everyone can see it. All of the participant must submit their video on their own youtube channel until the end of 28 October 2018 “ he explained.

For the winner of MEDSPIN 2018, they will perfom on MEDSPIN 2018 Opening Ceremony.

Author: Sefya H Istighfaricha

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