Banyuwangi FKH students Win at Veterinary Scientific Event

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From the left, Winda Kusuma, Bondan Sigit, and Citra Meyliana, received the third prize in quiz competition at Veterinary Scientific Event. (Photo: Personal Doc)

UNAIR NEWS – Three students of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) Off Main Campus Study Program (PSDKU) in Banyuwangi made an achievement in the Veterinary Scientific Event (VSE) on Saturday, October 20. In a series of activities held by Executive Board of Indonesian Veterinary Medicine Association, they won third place in the quiz competition.

The three students were Bondan Sigit (2016), Winda Kusuma (2016), and Cytra Meyliana (2017). “Initially, the three of us were a team of PKM (Student Creativity Program) team. Then we were appointed as delegates at the event, “Bondan said.

In the Veterinary Scientific Event at Padjajaran University, there were actually many categories contested such as educational videos, essays and posters. However, seeing the small number of delegates, only three students, UNAIR Banyuwangi finally only participated in the quiz competition.

Bondan also said that the theme raised for yesterday’s smart competition was ” Antimicrobial Resistance “. Regarding the preparation, Bondan said that his team did not have a special preparation agenda.

“Honestly we have no special preparation for this quiz competition. We read about the theme. We leave the rest to God Almighty, “he said.

The quiz competition was chosen, because it was an opportunity. In the view of students, quiz is a difficult competition that requires a lot of insight. Therefore, he and his team took the risk to seize the opportunity.

“The most important thing is to try and give the best,” he said.

“We won third place, you could say it was a miracle. Because, our intention was to come to Unpad to attend a series of VSE activities, especially the seminar. So, yes, Alhamdulillah  we were still given a fortune, “he added.

Bondan hoped that this achievement can pump up the enthusiasm of fellow students, especially FKH. Students can be more active in participating in activities of Indonesian Veterinary Student Association.

“It is also intended for all UNAIR PSDKU students, hopefully soon there will be new achievements from the tip of Java,” he said. (*)


Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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