Participants’ Impression after Study Excursie 2018

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Closing ceremony SE UNAIR
CLOSING Ceremony with Dr. Muhammad Adib Drs., MA. (Photo: Galuh Mega Kurnia)

UNAIR NEWS – Study Excursie in 2018 was held for two days in Prigen, Pasuruan. In this activity, participants were provided with material related to Pancasila values ​​and the growth of nationalism character in the hope that they could implement it in their daily lives.

Participants were also given tasks to discuss national issues. Then, the results of the discussion were presented in the form of videos, power point slides, and posters in front of other participants. Before the closing, the activity was also filled with hypno-nation by Ketut Abid Hilmi, S.Pd.I., M.Pd., C., Ht.

On Sunday, October 28, the activity was closed by Dr. Muhammad Adib Drs., MA., on behalf of the Head of Committee Sunan Fanani S.Ag., M.Pd.I. In his remarks, Dr. Adib did not forget to say congratulations for 90th Youth Pledge Day for Indonesia. The Youth Pledge Day commemoration speech was followed with lively applause of the participants.

“We are all present at Hastinapura Hall, on 28th day of October. Coincided with the 90th commemoration of Youth Pledge Day, “said Dr. Adib.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the participants during their full activities, UNAIR NEWS succeeded in summarizing the impressions of some of the participants. The following were the expressions of the participants regarding the activity.

Ailman Rani Nasution, English Literature 2017

Ailman Rani Nasution is a transfer student from Medan State University English literature program. According to Ailman, it was the first time for him to take part in the Study  Excursie.

“It is my first time here(Wisma Kaliandra, ed). Moreover, the place was famous because it had been used for filming the Sink of the Van Der Wijck Ship, “ said Ailman.


Dewi Manjasari & Maya Sanjaya, State Administration Department

According to the two students, in Study Excursie Activity, they could learn and improve themselves to be better. At the same time, they can hone their communication skill and learn how to maintain ideals in the millennial era.

“The Study Excursie was really exciting and fun. We can also train our softskill for presentations in public. It was very special, “said Dewi Manjasari.


Nur Alisa, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Veterinary Paramedics

The most memorable thing for Alisa was a very pleasant group members. The material was also useful for advancing millennial generations.

“SE (Study Excursie, ed) is very fun, especially my group friends. The facilities are also cool. The committee has high spirits. The material is also useful to advance the millennial generation, “Alisa said.


Catur Rahmad M, Sociology

“This Study Excursie Activity is very exciting, especially aimed at forming nationalism personality in the participants. However, this activity needs to be improved again. If possible, not only for representing students, all students can take part in this activity, “said Catur [*]


Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor: Feri Fenoria


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