Education on Rupiah through GenBI Teaches for Pandawa Learning Home

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GenBI team in action. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Lack of youth attention in education for marginal groups inspired members of GenBI UNAIR (New Generation of Indonesia Universitas Airlangga  Commissariat) to hold GenBI Teaches activity on Saturday, October 20 2018.

GenBI Teaches is a work program from Education Division held from the concern of members of GenBI in the education sector, especially the education of children in slum areas in the city of Surabaya.

According to Gadis Alif as the chief executive of GenBI Teaches activity, the education of children in slums, especially in Surabaya is still lacking, especially the role of students and youth about the education of these children.

“Some students and youngsters seem to forget that there are still many responsibilities and their attention is only focused on themselves, so that they forget their responsibility for the education of the people,” she explained.

In addition, she also said that the teaching activity is not only for those who are taught, but it also hones the skill of students to interact, observe conditions, to the point of inspiring. Students often forget the process needed in molding themselves and their responsibilities to the people.

“Therefore, it needs an activity that can develop the character and capability of students in the children’s education sector,” she added.

At this year’s GenBI Teaches, all students receiving Bank Indonesia Scholarship in 2018 were mobilized to teach. Each of them guided the children from Pandawa Learning Home, located in Lulumba Dalam, Wonokromo Sub-district, Surabaya.

The activity was held at Jagir Wonokromo Water Gate Bridge, where 34 children actively participated in activities such as dissemination about Rupiah, and the habit of saving early. This material was delivered by members of GenBI UNAIR or known also as Sobat Rupiah to introduce the habit of saving from an early age and introduce the currency in detail and concise so that it can be recognized by children.

The children of Pandawa Learning Home looked very enthusiastic in receiving the material presented by Sobat Rupiah, the material was delivered using the method of playing and learning, as well as a mini quiz and a tumblr bottle as the prize. The material presented was on how to identify the authenticity of money, how to maintain money, until the history of money.

“Hopefully, after this activity held, the children of Pandawa Learning House can get used to saving money and keep money well and understand the history of the Rupiah,” she said.

Author: Najibullah Ulul Albab

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


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