Vice Rector III UNAIR Presents University Social Responsibility in Taiwan

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Amin Alamsjah at NTOU
Prof. Moch Amin Alamsjah (fourth from the left) with the delegation from 8 countries at 2nd Port-City Universities Summit at National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan. (Private Doc.)

UNAIR NEWSUniversitas Airlangga has been participating actively  in various international-scale activities and forums. This active participation is done to compete and exchange ideas with the ranks of world-class universities. One of the participation made by UNAIR was by Vice Rector III Prof. Moch Amin Alamsjah, Ph.D.

The vice rector for academic cooperation, community service, research and publications participated in 2nd Port-City Universities Summit (PUS) at National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan, 10-12 October 2018. The forum was attended by 22 universities from 8 countries, including Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

“In the forum I presented our program on university social responsibility,” said Prof. Amin from National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan.

Beside talking about university social responsibility, there were other themes discussed by leadership from the other 21 universities such as the university strategies toward the challenges of port-city reformation, education and academic development, industry and university collaboration, intelligent transportation system and logistics, university social responsibility.

Prof. Amin said that this forum became a good opportunity for UNAIR to gain international recognition. Moreover, Surabaya is included as port city so it was very appropriate.

“The five themes discussed make this conference very useful for the development and enhancement of cooperation in the form of a real project. Useful for students, staff and universities, “explained Prof. Amin.

Prof. Amin said, UNAIR would invite all partners to attend the establishment of ‘World University Association For Community Development’, in mid-December 2018. He will speak about the concept and impact to become a member of the association.

“The association will focus on student and staff exchange such as summer programs between all members of association with different project topics . The place, time, and participants can be different each year and take turns for each member, “said the professor of marine biology at Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) UNAIR.

UNAIR Vice Rector III Prof. Moch Amin Alamsjah, Ph.D. (on the left) exchange token of appreciation to National Taiwan Ocean University President Prof. Ching-Fong Chang, Ph.D. during 2nd Port-City Universities Summit. (Private Doc.)

There are various project topics in the association, ranging from health, life science , to social science that will be carried out together by the community to learn from each other. This is also part of the learning system to improve hard skills and soft skills competencies .

“So there is a transfer of technology to the community and there is a learning process to students,” he added.

Technically in the field, the program will run like an international outreach program organized by all members of the association. If there are 100 member associations with 10 student representatives, then, continued Prof. Amin, there will be 1,000 inbound students.

Through this program, UNAIR will be visited a lot and be known by international universities. This program will also have an impact for UNAIR to be a world class university.

The PUS Forum will be closed on Friday, October 12 with a cruise trip agenda to the Keelung Port, Juming Museum and Yehliu Geopark. In 2019, PUS agenda will be held in Abu Dhabi or at Kanagawa University, Japan. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Suko Widodo

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