From Rector to Students Support Casualties of Palu-Donggala Disaster

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Rector and volunteer team to Palu Donggala
Solid team. UNAIR Rector and students are ready to relieve the burden of casualties of Donggala Palu tsunami earthquake. (Photo: by courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Earthquake and tsunami in Palu – Donggala has moved all elements of the nation and the world community, including in Universitas Airlangga community. The academic community from Rector to students continue to make contributions to ease the burden of the casualties of Palu-Donggala disasters.

The day after the earthquake happened, UNAIR Floating Hospital team immediately moved from Lombok to Palu-Donggala. In fact, not long after, students consisting of BEM, Mahagana, and some UKM also made preparations to get to the disaster site.

Not only that, UNAIR also welcomed openly the appeal of Rector Tadulako University(Untad), Palu – Central Sulawesi in the Indonesian University Rectors’ Council (MRPTN) and the Indonesian Rectors’ Forum (FRI), to accept Untad students studying in various universities in Indonesia.

“As part of the Indonesian community, of course UNAIR welcomes and is open and ready to accept Tadulako University students who want to study temporarily at UNAIR, until later Tadulako University campus can be used for learning,” he said.

Head of UNAIR BEM Galuh Teja Sakti to UNAIR NEWS, October 5 said that the effort to accept Untad students while studying at UNAIR was a very impressive decision.

“We are brave, because we put forward the principle of humanity so that our brothers can continue to get education until the conditions in Palu-Donggala return to normal,” he said.

Regarding technical matters, Teja explained that the students could contact the Directorate of Academic Affairs by showing a valid identification card from Tadulako University. They will then be directed to the dean of the faculty for the selection of program according to the program taken at Untad.

“We are a family, we are brothers, we are one country, let’s set aside all the interests that exist, let’s help this humanitarian mission, they called out to us, because they know that we are academics, creators and devotees who are ready to jump in any situations and obstacles, “Teja concluded.

Author: Nuri Hermawan


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