Palu Hit by Earthquake and Tsunami, IKA FKG UNAIR Sends Relief Aid

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Dr. Darmawan to NAvy
Dr. DARMAWAN Setijanto, drg., M.Kes hands over the aid to the Navy Lt. Col. (K) dr. Bachtiar Efendi Sp. KG, M. Tr. Hanla. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Alumni Association (IKA) Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG) Universitas Airlangga reacted quickly to send relief aid to the casualties of the earthquake and tsunami in Donggala, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Friday, September 28. Alumni coordination through online social media groups was immediately done after the sad news heard.

Led by FKG IKA Drg Nora Lelyana, fundraising targeted FKG UNAIR alumni across generations. The fund collected reached 35 million.

On Saturday afternoon, September 29, the donation was handed over by Dr. Darmawan Setijanto, drg., M.Kes, who is also the Dean of FKG UNAIR, on behalf of the chairman of FKG UNAIR Commissariat IKA to the Commander of the Naval Task Force Team Marine Lt. Col. (K) drg. Bachtiar Efendi Sp. KG, M. Tr. Hanla. The handover was done at Juanda Naval Air Base, Base Ops Juanda Lanudal.

Even so, assistance will be sent by sea as the other paths are not yet possible. Regarding the relief aid, it will be adjusted to the needs of the community in the field through coordination of Marine Task Force team deployed to the disaster site.

Marine Task Force team was chosen to distribute the aid because FKG and the Navy, especially the Marines, have held a lot of community social service activities. In addition, the chairman of FKG UNAIR IKA also served as Kadiskesal (Head of Naval Health Service) and Marine Task Force commander so coordination could be done quickly.

Dr. Darmawan confirmed the disaster response by the IKA FKG UNAIR. According to him, the value of mutual cooperation is needed in the face of various problems that occur. One of them was a quick response to what happened in Donggala and Palu.

“Similar aid from FKG UNAIR IKA Commissariat was also sent earlier to earthquake victims in Lombok. The latest news (UNAIR donation to Donggala, ed) is planned to rent a truck to transport the corpses, “he said.

“This contribution is also a form of sympathy, loyalty, and militancy of alumni of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Universitas Airlangga on humanity, especially to the victims of Lombok and Donggala earthquake. And hopefully this aid can reduce the burden on the victims, “he added. (*)


Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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