Surabaya City Health Office Holds Diphtheria Vaccination at UNAIR

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Illustration by thinkstock

UNAIR NEWS – Diphtheria is a highly contagious bacterial infection and can cause fatalities. The disease attacks the respiratory tract in humans. To minimize the increasingly widespread bacteria, Surabaya City Health Office held vaccination to the community. Universitas Airlangga was no exception.

Interviewed at Fadjar Natanegoro Hall, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Universitas Airlangga, on Friday, March 2, Moch. Ashadi Muhimin, S.Kep., Ns., as representative of Health Office of Surabaya said the goal of vaccination was to boost immunity and protection for people aged between 1-19 as there has been Extraordinary Occurrence (KLB) of Diphtheria in East Java.

“We do not know the spread has reached where, but in East Java it has spread evenly such as in Pasuruan, Sampang, Pamekasan, and several other areas in East Java. Therefore, the Health Office of Surabaya City held a vaccination to prevent the spread of this bacteria, “he said.

The Surveillance and Immunization Section staff added that the composition of the vaccine consists of tetanus and diphtheria (Td). In addition to boosting immunity from diphtheria bacteria, vaccination is also to boost immunity from tetanus.

The most effective way to avoid these bacteria is by vaccination. In addition, the other way is to apply clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS). The treatments include using a mask in a crowded place, taking vitamins, regular breaks, and washing hands before and after the activity.

“We greatly emphasize people to wash hands before and after the activity. We do not know which people are affected by this bacteria and which people are not affected. When we shake hands with someone who has been exposed then we hold the nose or mouth without washing hands first, it will be the source of the infection, ” he explained.

The atmosphere of diphtheria vaccination in Fadjar Notonegoro Hall FEB UNAIR. (Photo: M. Najib)

Meanwhile, the common symptoms of the infection is the difficulty to swallow and high fever above 38 degrees. When medication is given to lower the fever, the temperature will go down for a while and then will rise again.

“Like a spring,” he added.

In addition, there is a white membrane on the tonsil. The membrane cannot be lost even though it is sucked using a special tool used by Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist.

The next symptom is the swollen neck. The breathing will be blocked when it happens. So patients who initially did not snore suddenly snore. For mild and moderate infection, patients can be given antibiotics. While at the level of moderate to severe, it should be taken to the hospital. The hospital must have an isolation room so that the bacteria is not transmitted to others.

In the end, Ashadi hoped that the incidence rate of diphtheria disease can decrease and all lines of society can participate. He also emphasized to always implement clean and healthy life behavior.

“I emphasize to always wash hands three times and one of them using soap because the source of the greatest transmission is through the nose or mouth, wear masks in the crowd, take vitamins, and rest regularly,” he concluded.

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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