Photo Hunting Welcomes New Member of APS UNAIR

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Some of the participant while photo hunting session in flower park, Saturday (28/10) (Photo: Private Documentation)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Activity Unit (UKM) Photography of Universitas Airlangga or known as Airlangga Photography Society (APS) held new members training in 2017. This time APS held the training in Omah Budaya Slamet, Bumiaji, Kota Batu, on 27-29 October 2017.

Similar to previous years, this year’s training agenda was not much different. But there was different atmosphere seen during photo hunting activities.

Saturday morning, October 28, 33 participants were divided into seven groups traveling from one post to another. There were five posts in total. The posts were scattered around fruit and flower fields and residents’ villages. Participants must hunt photos in the area.

“This photo hunting has a purpose to explore the creativity of training participants. So, participants must be smart and sensitive in capturing the existing moment, “said 2017 APS Head Zumrotul Fatma Rahmayanti.

After hunting, participants must collect the results. The curator will select the top ten photos. “In total there are 1,500 photos collected. We took ten best pictures to be shown in a photo discussion session, “said Arvin Ranu as a photo curator and head of APS 2009-2011.

The photos have diverse categories, from a macro, landscape, to human interest. One of the best is the human interest photo. There were portraits of two jackfruit peeler women.

The photo had the right tone of color, composition, and sharpness. “Humanist and emotional side was greatly felt when seeing this photo,” said Arvin. According to him, the sensitivity in seeing the moment becomes a plus point for a photographer.

The uniqueness was highlighted by the photo curators as most photos of training participants had similarities between one and another, from their angle, objects, and compositions. “For example, they mostly took photos of flowers and scenery. Do not stuck at it. Explore others. Capture something different, “explained Yanuar Satria Putra, senior APS 2006.

Not just hunting and photo discussion, there were many other agendas for the training participants. For example, discussion on exhibitions, sharing session with senior and alumni, also initiation of new members of APS 2017. (*)

Author: Nena Zakiah (student of Science Communication 2014)

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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