“Capslok”, an Innovation of Utilizing Mango Seed Wasted into efficacious Jenang

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The packaging of Craps Jenang Pelok (Capslok) (photo by Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Students of Universitas Airlangga keep making creativity. Five students of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR PSDKU (Study Program outside Main college) in Banyuwangi. They modified pelok (mango seed waste) into economic goods, namely Jenang Pelok Craps (Capslok).

They are Fadillah Adim (The leader), Sulistyo Primadani, Riska Dwi Lestari, Eka Sheilla Wati, dan Triyan Rediyanto.

This innovation has different texture formulas to regular jenang products that are usually sold in the marketplace. The uniqueness of Capslok is made by Pelok (Mango Seed) from that is not quite well-known public.

Why did they choose mango seed? According to Fadilah , Pelok had advantage to prevent listeriosis which considered as dangerous infection caused by Listeria monocytogenes bacterium. Pelok also contained high phytochemical as tanin (Legessedan Shimelis, 2012). It also contains hytochemical gallotanin which has antibacterial activity against several kinds of gram positive and negative bacteria. Besides, it was good for diarrhea treatment.

“Main goal of this innovation is to reduce the mango seed waste that always happen in mango season (the season when mangoes grow up In Indonesia, when climate reaches its hottest and driest period of the year which is around August, September and October) it was so numerous,” Fadilah said

“Jenang Capslok was promoted to foreign tourist who came to Banyuwangi) (Photo by Courtesy)

There were many mango seeds waste (pelok) in places of landfills, it was an indicator that many Indonesian people do not yet understand  about the benefits of the Pelok that actually had good benefits, in addition to, 20% mango fruit meat commonly processed into food products such as Sweets and canned, chips, etc. While the number of mango seed wasted was about 17-22% of the portion of mango.

This idea had been written on research proposal of Student Creativity Program of Entrepreneurship (PKMK) and got funding from KEMRISTEKDIKTI (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education) for PKM program 2016 -2017.

Fadilah and team create the form of Jenang Capslock like cube. It has a crisp texture and inside hat has a melted texture with a delicious sweet taste.

“the uniqueness of the product become the excellent, where usually jenang serve just in  plain flavor and unattractive package, here we pack it with crunchy crap and it will be more attractive consumers, and this food can be enjoyed for all age, includes,  the elder people, adults, teenagers and children , “He added


Editor: Bambang Bes

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