The Importance of Introspection and Caution

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Routine religious gathering held solemnly in FH UNAIR (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – One thing which makes a person deserves heaven is obedience to God, and what make people thrown to hell were their speech and private organs. It was taken from a hadith, quoted by Drs. H. Shodiqun A. Karim, S.H., M.Kn., in a routine religious gathering in UNAIR.

The event held in Room 303 Faculty of Law  on Wednesday, May 11, was attended by UNAIR lecturers and staff. In the beginning of his sermon,  the man who is an alumnus of master degree in Faculty of Law  UNAIR elaborated good deeds which can take human to heaven.

“Before we discuss the main topic, I want to emphasize deeds which can bring us to heaven, that it piety and obedience to Allah SWT,” he said while elaborating the hadith.

The religious leader who is familiar with FH UNAIR also emphasizes that human peity can be measured by how often they feel grateful and remember to Allah SWT.

“Our piety can be seen on how often we feel grateful and remember Allah SWT in any condition,” he said.

The man known as Shodiqun emphasized the hadiths in the opening of his sermon, on things which make people thrown to hell. He also quoted  Sunan Drajat’s message which suggests people to give clothes to exhibitionist in order to hide the naked man private matters, he also reminded people to always mind their speech and private organs.

“Mind your speech and private organs, many great sins are caused by both of them,” he said.

In the gathering held monthly, Vice Dean II FH UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Abd. Shomad, S.H., M.H., in his speech stated the importance of introspection and caution in life. They were the reason why the topic of the sermon was about great sins. He added that the topic was chosen because of the importance of life after death, human deeds will be measured to determine their next place, heaven or hell.

“By knowing what are great sins forbidden by Allah SWT, we will be more introspective and avoid them,” he said. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Dilan Salsabila

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