Airlangga Academicians Claim Victory at East Java FoSSEI Scientific Assembly

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Pito Budi Prasetyo and his team after announced as 1st place (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Young academicians of UNAIR made another achievement in East Java Regional Scientific Assembly (TEMILREG) held in Universitas  Islam Negeri (UIN) Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang. The event in cooperation with Islamic Economy Study Forum (FoSSEI) is an annual assembly. It was attended by many Islamic Economy Study groups (KSEI) from public or private universities and titled Optimalisasi Potensi Pariwisata Halal Indonesia.

There were two competitions in the event, Islamic Economy Olympiad and Call for Paper. UNAIR delegation from KSEI AcSES (Association of Sharia Economic Studies) claimed victory in Call for Paper competition. Lead by Pito Budi Prasetyo, the team has defeated the previous champion, Universitas Brawijaya Malang.

“I didn’t expect to get through and be the finalist from Call for Paper East Java Regional Scientific Assembly 2016, even more to defeat last year champion,” Pito said.

Their paper was titled Strategi Pariwisata Berbasis Sharia Tourism and Lifestlye dalam mendorong Perekonomian Desa Wisata di Indonesia. It was about sharia tourism package which is collaborated with the Prophet’s lifestyle.

“The idea was derived from conventional tourism which tends to promote sinful activities and moral destruction. Thus, we want to provide sharia tourism package which promote Islamic lifestyle as the Prophet had shown instead,” said the student of D3 Banking Management.

Two other members, Rizki Amalia and Monic Oktaviani said that their efforts to snatch first place have been done for a while, they trained hard and they also often consulted seniors experienced in scientific papers.

“We prepared day and night to get the best result. We also consulted AcSES seniors which often won competitions,” said Riski Amalia, a student of Developmental Economics 2014.

Monic Oktaviani added that the committee had made a change in the competition rules. The finalists had to answer some questions related to a case study, which was not written in the competition relugation before.

“We doubted ourselves if we can answer the case study given by the judges well as we only prepared for the presentation, but fortunately our effort and pray are paid off,” she added. (*)

Author: Pito Budi Prasetyo
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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