Airlangga Bussines Community Encourages Students to Build Business

UNAIR NEWS – In Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, it has become a reference for Indonesian youth to build businesses. By increasing skills and adding experience in their fields, now Airlangga Bussines Community (ABC) is here to improve and realize the expectations of students at Universitas Airlangga. Especially related to business start-ups.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on December 14, 2018 in ABC Seminar at Surabaya Town Square (SUTOS), one of the administrators of IKAFE (Faculty of Economics Alumni Association) Yunus stated that ABC continues to encourage new businesses from students and youth. One of them was done through holding the seminar.

“The event (ABC seminar, ed) was to build alumni, student, and community interests and talents in business world,” he said.

The ABC seminar discussed opportunities and challenges of transportation and logistics business in 2019. Putut Sri Muljanti, director of PELINDO III Operations and Commercials, emphasized for now, the shipping had no restrictions so that it could go in and out.

“Limits that come out of general behavior. Not just limiting shipping. But, more precisely there is no suitable or suitable cruise, “he said.

Sri added, in accordance with Shipping Law issued in 2008, everyone in the country allowed to build a platform. Thus, the market cannot be monopoly. For example, Pertamina which is similar to foreign players who want to enter and take control in Jakarta, Bali, and Sumatra by taking over a large-scale market.

Furthermore, there was prices competition and logistics reduction. Due to this, Coasting Shipping was raised as an option to reduce loads and congestion along the road. Jalan Pantura, for example.

Meanwhile, in the end of conversation, Yunus advised that students from Faculty of economics and business also other faculties could actively participate in ABC activities. Especially, this event intended for students to establish their cooperation in developing their business. On the other hand, alumni can help to accompany students.

Therefore, their efforts can be directed at cooperation in accordance with business network built by alumni, including their colleagues. Yunus said, ABC will hold a company visit in the future for students. Furthermore, Yunus invited all participants and students to strengthen their enthusiasm to face openness era.

“Let’s face the future together. Especially, for Indonesia to be better. “he said. (*)


Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

ABC welcoming event

ABC Introduces ‘Home’ for Freshmen

UNAIR NEWS – No matter how far we go away, our home is the most comfortable place to return. This statement fits for the regional student organizations from Bojonegoro who are familiar with ABC (Airlangga Bojonegoro Community).

Established around 12 years ago, a group initiated by two UNAIR students from Bojonegoro are expected to be the a place and a home before the college world. ABC was born and developed with the addition of new members as every year there are also students from Bojonegoro who have the opportunity to study at UNAIR.

The organization with Matoh Pol as the motto held an event at the Department of Public Health (IKM) Faculty of Medicine UNAIR on Tuesday, July 31 for welcoming freshmen entitled Welcome Party 2.0. The event attended by more than 100 UNAIR freshmen from Bojonegoro, not only introduced ABC work programs and activities, there was also a sharing section that discussed the subject of campus life from the beginning of the college to various existing organizations in UNAIR.

Daffa Ardhi 2018 Medical student said that ABC is a forum for various information that he needs as an initial step before entering the orientation and lecture period. According to him, a similar event needs to be held every year so that students, especially those from Bojonegoro, have a forum that accommodates various aspirations of freshmen.

” Overall, it was a great event, I saw it as a family event ,” said Daffa, a student who was accepted through an independent admission.

In line with Daffa Ardhi, Virda, a student of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine and event committee said that ABC is an organization based on family principles. ABC, she continued, is the closest home to Ksatria Airlangga from Bojonegoro while in Surabaya.

“From ABC, hopefully our friends can learn and have a strong sense of belonging to ABC especially as our home region is the same, Bojonegoro. We can support each other in any condition, “added the 2017 student. (*)

Author: Wiwik Yuni Eryanti Ningrum

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh



HMA PSDKU Holds Accounting Business Plan Competition

UNAIR NEWS – Accounting Business Plan Competition 2018 or known as ABC is the first business plan competition that has been implemented by HMA (Accounting Student Association) PSDKU Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi from 04 to 06 May 2018. It was an event for Senior high school and college students in Banyuwangi regency to pour his creative ideas in the economic field.

Quoting the statement of Indah Oktavia Utami as the Head of ABC 2018, this business event for younger generation was entitled “Spirit of Young Entrepreneurship” which is a form of support from PSDKU Accounting Student Association UNAIR in Banyuwangi to the mission of Banyuwangi Regency itself is the mission of Entrepreneurship.

“Entrepreneurship is very promising in this era.  ABC 2018, hopefully, it can grow entrepreneurship spirit in the youth of Banyuwangi in particular, and help realize their entrepreneurial idea ” she said.

There are several series of events: Technical Meeting on May 04, Best 10 Group Presentation, Entrepreneurship Seminar on May 5 at PSDKU UNAIR Campus Sobo Banyuwangi, also workshop and rewarding which was held at Osing Deles Café ‘n Resto Banyuwangi on 06 May 2018.

In addition, she added, for each group there were 3 participants. The competition also consists of several preliminary rounds ranging from the Best 10 best to present the product, and the Best 5 best selected for the workshop and rewarding.

“Not only that, in addition to receiving trophies and cash for winners, the selected best 5 group are also entitled to sign MOU ( Memorandum of Understanding ) HMA UNAIR Banyuwangi in terms of branding and marketing of selected products, “he said.

The three selected groups who are entitled to receive branding contract and product marketing with HMA PSDKU Banyuwangi was a team from SMAN 1 Giri Banyuwangi with “Dates Coffee Seed Special Mondoluko”, University of 17 August 1945 Banyuwangi with “Elementary School’s Speaking Learning Media with Magic Card “, and from Universitas Airlangga with business idea “Soker Siji (Ready to Eat Dried Meatball) “. The scoring system of each group was based on innovation, benefits, and product competitiveness prospects entirely from the assessment of the jury.


Author: Iis Ananda Pratiwi (Accounting PSDKU UNAIR Undergraduate Student in Banyuwangi)

Editor: Nuri Hermawan


Airlangga Bojonegoro Community’s Service to Hometown Community

UNAIR NEWS – In the beginning of 2018, during semester’s break, students who are members of Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) returned to their hometown and held various social activities. This activity is held annually as a form of service to their hometown.

The Bojonegoro Regional Student Organization (ormada) conducted a series of activities named “ABC Muleh Omah Project 2018” implemented based on Higher Education Tri Dharma. They held the activities to improve Bojonegoro. Here is some of the documentation.

Bojonegoro Student Service to Their Hometown

UNAIR NEWS – In the beginning of 2018, during semester’s break, students who are members of Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) returned to their hometown and held various social activities. This activity is held annually as a form of service to their hometown.

The Bojonegoro Regional Student Organization (ormada) conducted a series of activities named “ABC Muleh Omah Project 2018” implemented based on Higher Education Tri Dharma. They held the activities to improve Bojonegoro.

Some of the activities carried out including njungok ormada or hospitality with ormada in Bojonegoro; ABC goes to school ; essay contests and seminars; serving and teaching in Geger Village, Kedungadem Sub-district; SBMPTN Try Out; Airlangga futsal and dance competition; and closed with an awarding night event .

“Muleh Omah Project this year is different from last year. We developed the concept more. If last year we did not spend the night on site during community service, we spent a night on site this year. We used to hold futsal competition only, this year there was a dance competition which is done in GOR Bojonegoro, “said Ma’arif, Head of ABC for 2017-2018 period.

The community service and teaching activities held in Geger Village, Kedungadem Sub-district, were conducted on 17-18 January. Activities included teaching students MI Muhammadiyah 27 Geger, then continued with the dissemination on hygiene, formal and informal education, and entrepreneurship.

The next day, they worked together with the residents to clean up the road and the mosque, then continued with the distribution of food to the people of Kalitengah, Geger Village.

“We were welcomed by the headmaster, MI Muhammadiyah teachers, as well as residents here. We held the activities in this village because the village is still fairly far from urban areas, and far from the central government in Bojonegoro. From here we understand as students we have to be useful to others, especially to remote communities in our hometown, “said Indra Pratama, chief executive of ABC Serves and Teaches.

In addition to community service activities, activities on education were also conducted.  SBMPTN Try out and essay contest and seminar were ABC annual activities for senior high school students. The essay contest and seminar were held on January 13, in Angling Dharma Room, Bojonegoro Regency Government Building.

The theme was Sustainable Development in the Digital Age. The event invited the Owner of PT Jawa Pos Media Televisi Surabaya (JTV), Imawan Mashuri, ran well and the enthusiasm of the seminar participants is quite high.

Meanwhile,  SBMPTN 2018 try out  was held on January 21 in MAN 1 Bojonegoro. It was quite successful and attractted a lot of high school students. There were 562 students from all senior high schools in Bojonegoro.

“Alhamdulillah this year’s try out ran smoothly. There were a lot of participants. Problems were dealt well.  Beside as a form of our devotion through education, it was also a way to strengthen ties among ABC members, especially class of 2017 who just started their studies, “said Komari Aldi, chief executive of SBMPTN 2018 try out.

Looking at the high enthusiasm in sports and arts in high school students in Bojonegoro, ABC held futsal competition and modern dance. This futsal competition is not only for men but also for women. The event was held on January 21-27, was witnessed by many students who came to support the school team or just watched the game.

The futsal competition in the men’s category was won by SMAN 3 Bojonegoro, and the women’s won by SMK 4 Bojonegoro, and the winner of modern dance competition from SMAN 1 Sugihwaras, Bojonegoro.

The final event of ABC Muleh Omah Project 2018 was awarding night held on 29 January. In the awarding night,  alumni and winners of every competition from try out to futsal and modern dance competition were invited.

“Hopefully the series of Muleh Omah Project events can continue to exist because it is fun to be able to return to our hometown, to serve our region, to improve our hometown, Bojonegoro,” said Ma’arif.

Author: Deviyanti Wahyu Izati (Student of Public Health Sciences UNAIR 2015)

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


Bojonegoro Students Community Service for Their Homeland

UNAIR NEWS – Muleh Omah Project 2017, a series of activities held by Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC), a student organization of Bojonegoro students at UNAIR, has ended. Creativities of this student community was channeled in the form of public service in Bojonegoro Regency last January.

Some of their activities which were held from 17 January until 20 February are ABC Goes to School, Airlangga Futsal Competition (AFC), Njungok Ormada, SBMPTN Try Out, 5th Call for Essay and Inspirational Talkshow, ABC Teach and Serve, and ABC on Vacation. The following are activities they had successfully done.

First, ABC Goes to School. It was an information program about UNAIR given to 36 SMA or equals in Bojonegoro Regency. The program, which was held from 17-31 January 2017 always felt special because they do it every year.

Second, Airlangga Futsal Competition (AFC). Thirty two (32) teams from various senior high schools in Bojonegoro Regency join the competition. The first-held competition received quite a welcome from students. Even the East Java’s Board of Education and Sports support it.

Third, Njungok Ormada. The activity aims to build harmonious relationship with other Bojonegoro student organizations from different universities. The program, which was held to swap ideas amongst students, was joined by no less than 14 organizations. Njunguk Ormada was held last 4 February.

Fourth, SBMPTN Try Out entitled Try Out ABC Sunday Morning. The program held at MAN 1 Bojonegoro is part of ABC annual program which has always been swarmed by senior high students from various schools in Bojonegoro. SBMPTN Try Out was held on 5 February and was joined by 630 participants from Bojonegoro Regency.

Fifth, 5th Call for Essay and Inspirational Talkshow 2017. The program entitled “Optimization of Bojonegoro Potentials and Resources in Welcoming Golden Indonesia 2045” was joined by 31 senior high school teams in Bojonegoro Regency. The winner was SMA 2 Bojonegoro team who wrote “Simple Procedure to Optimize Creative Industries Sector Potentials in Bojonegoro”.

“I am so happy I can join this program and won the writing contest. I never thought I would win. We thank our teachers for their guidance and motivation until we won the competition,” said Diah Kharisma Putriana and Rose Diantika, first winner of writing competition.

Acting as guest speaker the secretary of BKD Bojonegoro Rahmat Junaidi, S.KM, M.Kes, (MARS) in a program called Inspirational Talkshow. He talked about creative industries sector, economy, and tourism in Bojonegoro. In addition, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Soetojo, Sp.U, UNAIR also lectured. He talked about human resources and education role in maximizing nature resource potentials. Another speaker was Rexy Mawardijayah, representative of Exxon Mobile public relation, who talked about Migas Cepu and Banyu Urip refinery.

The Muleh Omah Project program concluded with vacation with ABC family at Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL). This was the moment for ABC team to relax and enjoy their odd semester holiday. They hoped this vacation would become an opportunity to know each other better.

Elvinda Shella as head of 2017 ABC said, all Muleh Omah Project 2017 programs were scheduled as such so that Bojonegoro people knew them better.

“We hope Muleh Omah Project program will keep on going and become better in the coming years. We want people to know about our activities more,” stated Elvinda. (*)

Author : Deviyanti Wahyu Izati (Student at the Faculty of Public Health generation 2015)

Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh 

A Decade of Airlangga Bojonegoro Community, Holds Community Service and Feast

UNAIR NEWS – There are many ways to celebrate birthday, either personal, organizational or even a community. UNAIR students affiliated in Airlangga Bojonegoro Community or known as ABC was having a celebration. To celebrate its tenth dies natalis, the community of students from the land of Angling Dharma held a community service on May 6 and a feast on May 7.

Those events were held at differen venues, the community service was held in Krondonan village, Gondang with various programs. Many humanity programs such as ABC Teaches, ABC Inspires, Free healthcare examination, main commodity distribution for the poor and also great religious gathering.

“To celebrate tenth ABC’s dies natalis, ABC held community service and a feast in the regency pavilion,” said Andy Ahmad Alfian, the Head of ABC.

This year’s celebration was not very different from the previous years. But for Andy, a decade gave a different feeling to him. The event was used as a reunion moment for ABC alumni.

“It is a moment of a decade, where it is considered mature for regional student organization. This occasion will also be  a moment for reunion of ABC alumni from many different classes,” said FEB 2013 student.

Other than community service activities, ABC also held a feast at Bojonegoro Rgency pavilion. There were 188 people attended the feast from ABC students, alumni, also some lecturers from Bojonegoro like Prof. Dr. dr. Soetojo, Sp.U., the Dean of Faculty of Medicine (FK)  UNAIR, who was attending to celebrate Tenth ABC Dies Natalis.

“The feast at regency pavilion of Bojonegoro was started with tumpeng rice slicing by  Prof. Soetojo,” Andy said.

Being asked about ABC solid performance, Andy said that the key to success were sense of belonging and understanding from each individual. All the member of ABC are UNAIR students from Bojonegoro, then similarity in accent and diction from the members could keep them solid as a community.

“Well established communication, things in common such as accent, immense love to hometown also keep the members of ABC loyal to fight and be activists of a regional organization, ABC,” Andy said.

As the current ABC leader, Andy hoped that all regional organizations in UNAIR become solid and harmonious, so they could give greater benefits to the wider society in their regions. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

Muleh Omah Project, from ABC for Bojonegoro

UNAIR NEWS – Students in Airlangga Bojonegoro Community (ABC) understand well that their usefulness as student regional organization (ormada) is indispensable. It was seen from their later project called Muleh Omah Project. During last term holiday, they contributed in the society through the project.

There were many activities in Muleh Omah Project such as essay competition for Senior High Schools in Bojonegoro,   ABC Goes To School which was a part of #UnairSapaNegeri initiated by UNAIR Student Executive Board (BEM), , Njungok Ormada, a discussion themed ‘Abdi Untuk Bojonegoro’(Serve Bojonegoro) was held with other Bojonegoro students organization from all parts of Indonesia, tryout SBMPTN#SuperSunday for Senior High School  students, inspiring talkshow in the pendopo which invited UNAIR students with achievements and UNAIR lecturers from Bojonegoro and also some representatives of the government of the regency.

“It is quite amazing. During holiday we can go home and contribute at home. We were glad as so many companies in Bojonegoro support our series of events, such as Exxon Mobil, and Aston Bojonegoro,” said the head of ABC 2015, Andy Ahmad Alfian.

The project was inspired by Pulang Kampuang, a project of community service from Minang people for their hometown. Other than activities above, ABC also strengthen the members’ ties through ABC on Vacation in Sarangan Lake, Magetan. The project then ended by a community service event in villages such ABC Mengajar in Duwel Village, Bojonegoro.

These kinds of events will be held continuously by ABC. Muleh Omah Project will be a brand of the events with some uniqueness in the implementation.

Author: Zahrina Arum Nabilah
Editor: Yeano Andhika