Syafril Riza

Signs of People Who Work with Passion

Syafril Riza described some of the characteristics of people who work based on their passion in the seminar "Is My Choice Wrong?", Saturday, September 16.

Financial Planning Based on Priority

A financial planning from upstream to downstream is needed, from the present to the future.

How To Avoid Dehydration During Fasting

As our body needs averagely six to eight glasses of water, we should optimize our time during iftar and suhur to avoid dehydration.

No Need for Strict Diet, Manage Bodyweight by Paying Attention to Nutritional Supply

Some time ago, there was a news on Putri Indonesian Maluku 2016 passing because of gastric acid condition.

First Aid to Unconscious People

everyone should know and be able to perform basic life support (BHD).

Minimizing Potential Loss When Fire Happens

When fire happens, loss will follow. However, it all can be minimized if we understand and aware of how to handle disasters early on.

Tips Aiming for International Seminar and Publication

Dean of FIB, Diah Ariani Arimbi SS., MA., PhD gives some tips to aim for international seminar and publication.

Tricks to Successful TOEFL Test

Some tips to get successful English tests by Dean of FIB.

Wise in Consuming Food during Eid Holiday

Lebaran is identical with fatty and sweet food, Triska Susila Nindya, MPH, FKM UNAIR lecturer gave wise tips to eat during Lebaran.

Tips to Manage Holiday Allowance More Productively

When a person receives THR, there will be euphoria because of income and consumption increase.