Taiwan street

Reflecting on Daily Life of Taiwanese Community

People often find motivation and enthusiasm after seeing others’ achievement. We can learn from character and nature of people from other countries, from their daily life for self-improvement. 

5 Tips to Take Care of Books

It is true that the book is the frigate of knowledge and an eternal friend. No one can dismiss human needs in books.

Do You Want to be a Volunteer? Here are Some of The Tips!

UNAIR NEWS – Several natural disasters that takes so many lives. As an agent of change, several humanitarian movements are carried out by students to reduce burden of the victims. Not only by collecting donation,...

Things You Need to Know Before Going Abroad

Experiencing different country life style is an opportunity for student to try during college. Whether for outbound, exchange, competition, or holidays are certainly has different intention.

End of Year Holiday Tips from UNAIR Tourism Students

The odd semester break that coincidence with 2019 New Year celebration is an opportunity for Universitas Airlangga students and others to enjoy the end of year holiday from their college life.

What is the First Aid Steps for Choking in Children ?

One of student from Faculty of Nurse 2015 demonstrating first aid step for choking in children to all of participants at Bina Tunas Bangsa Kindergarten Surabaya. (Doc. Committee)

Emil Dardak Spreading Peace Action through Millenials Generation

Emil Dardak while delivering a keynote speech at Millenials Peace Festival in Amerta Hall, 4th Floor, Management Office of Campus C, Universitas Airlangga. He gave several tips to spread peace action for millennial.
Reza Affandi

Tips for Freshmen to Optimize Potentials from UNAIR 2018 Outstanding Student, Reza Affandi

The following are tips for optimizing the potentials of freshmen from Mohamad Reza Affandi, 2015 Medical Student and Universitas Airlangga Outstanding Student (Mawapres) 2018.

Interested to Join National YLI? Know These Tips and Tricks

There are many things you can do to develop your potential. Amrina Rosyada, alumna of FK UNAIR 2013 made an achievement in National Young Leaders for Indonesia (YLI) as participants. Ocha was a participant YLI National Batch 8 and her participation in it changed her view about it.

For Children, Use Flavor Essence from Natural Material

According to the pediatrician FK UNAIR -Dr. Soetomo Hospital Dr. Irwanto dr., Sp.A (K), the introduction of savory taste through Complementary Foods of Breastfeeding (MPASI) can actually done by utilizing the content of glutamate from natural ingredients such as from vegetables and other natural ingredients.