For Children, Use Flavor Essence from Natural Material

According to the pediatrician FK UNAIR -Dr. Soetomo Hospital Dr. Irwanto dr., Sp.A (K), the introduction of savory taste through Complementary Foods of Breastfeeding (MPASI) can actually done by utilizing the content of glutamate from natural ingredients such as from vegetables and other natural ingredients.

MSG Versus ‘MSG Generation’

People say because MSG, brain works slow, less responsive, and so on. Is it true that MSG causes brain problem?

Middle Aged Men Beware of This Illness

This age shift in coronary heart disease is acknowledged by a heart and vascular expert from the Faculty of Medicine UNAIR - Dr. Soetomo Hospital dr. Andrianto., Sp.JP., FIHA. In medical science, sudden death due to coronary heart does not occur without any symptoms.

Perfectionists are Prone to Cancer

Psychoneuroimmunology expert from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. Suhartono Taat Putra, dr., MS revealed that stress turned out to be one of the triggers of cancer. 

Enjoy Eating Salty Fish? Watch Out for This!

Eating a plate of warm rice with chili paste and salted fish is addictive. But we should not consume it excessively. Why? Because salted fish is as one type of food which trigger Nasopharyngeal cancer (KNF).

Sunbathe ‘Yellow Baby’, Is It Effective?

Yellow baby or in medical terms is called Hyperbilirubinemia is a clinical symptom that is often found in newborns 1-2 weeks old.
get burned

Get Burned, Do not Rub with Toothpaste and Butter

Toothpaste, butter, and brown sugar are often used by people who get burned. When in fact, medically, the treatment with those things is not recommended.

Love Your Insides, Before Cancer Haunts You

Every year, estimated 608,000 people die from colon cancer. 

Tips to Get Expected ELPT Scores

Global competition will be faster in the future so students must have excellent foreign language skill especially English as the international language.
Syafril Riza

Signs of People Who Work with Passion

Syafril Riza described some of the characteristics of people who work based on their passion in the seminar "Is My Choice Wrong?", Saturday, September 16.