Tips for Model United Nation by Fadhel in British University Vietnam

Joining an international scale event is a dream for students. Especially, Model United Nations (MUN). The event is a simulation education or academic activity, where students can learn about diplomacy, international relation, and United Nation.

Get to Know about Major Publisher

In writing, it is important for the author of the book to understand a proper way to publish their writing product. In this context, publication focused on the book publishing process.

Prospective Students, Here are Tips in Choosing Study Program

The second day of Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) filled with students, teachers, and parents of students who come from various regions. One interesting material on the second day was exposure in choosing a study program.
Aussie Awards: photo: media . dhakatribune . com

Interesting Things about Studying in Australia

Australia is known to have world-class quality of higher education that is not far from Indonesia geographically and not as expensive as imagined.

Is it Important to Learn Chinese?

Being able to speak other languange instead of our mother tongue languange Indonesia or even English in 20th century has indeed become a necessity for certain groups. One of them is Chinese.
Taiwan street

Reflecting on Daily Life of Taiwanese Community

People often find motivation and enthusiasm after seeing others’ achievement. We can learn from character and nature of people from other countries, from their daily life for self-improvement. 

5 Tips to Take Care of Books

It is true that the book is the frigate of knowledge and an eternal friend. No one can dismiss human needs in books.

Do You Want to be a Volunteer? Here are Some of The Tips!

UNAIR NEWS – Several natural disasters that takes so many lives. As an agent of change, several humanitarian movements are carried out by students to reduce burden of the victims. Not only by collecting donation,...

Things You Need to Know Before Going Abroad

Experiencing different country life style is an opportunity for student to try during college. Whether for outbound, exchange, competition, or holidays are certainly has different intention.

End of Year Holiday Tips from UNAIR Tourism Students

The odd semester break that coincidence with 2019 New Year celebration is an opportunity for Universitas Airlangga students and others to enjoy the end of year holiday from their college life.