Winning Various Writing Competition, Ata Becomes Outstanding Graduates

Wildan Hafata Yahfitu Zahra should be proud of her several achievements that she made. Majoring in Historical Science, she became an outstanding graduate in Faculty Humanities, Universitas Airlangga. During her time as a student, she liked to explore her passion in writing said the girl who familiarly called Ata.
FST best graduate Yeni

Through Struggle for Scopus Journal, Yeni Becomes S3 FST Best Graduate

Difficulties in managing time between family and S3 study did not discourage Yeni Kustiyahningsih. It was proven by Yeni who was awarded best doctoral graduate of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Universitas Airlangga with GPA 3.87.

Three Years In A Row, Becoming National Scientific Debate Winner

Amadea Zulfiah Azmi alumnus of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga has dozens of achievements which made her an outstanding graduate. Among other things, she won several competition on Scientific Debate in National Camp Midwifery Student Competition (NCMSC).

Uplifting UNAIR’s Name in International, Dewi Becomes FST Best Graduate

Coming from a small village in Lamongan, graduated from Islamic boarding school does not make Dia Kurnia Dewi feels insecure to addapt her life in college. However, Dia started feeling insecure when she saw outstanding student on podium.

Transfer Student in English Literature Introduces American Culture on Poster Exhibition

Being a literature student does not only learn about literature. This was one of the activities that showed by English Literature student, Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga. Its existence is inseparable from studying various cultures, both local and international.

1st Winner in LKTI in Solo, Egy Becomes Outstanding Graduate from Faculty of Vocational...

Actually I am not very prominent in academic and non-academic world. I’m just a funny guy. But when I made my choice, I would try to do my best. "That was Egy Ramandhani reaction, an outstanding graduate of Faculty of Vocational Studies Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR).

Success in Career, Zakky Becomes FKM Outstanding Graduates

Ahmad Zakky Multazam or Zakky, a student with a big entrepreneurial spirit with skills in the field of graphic design, did not want to continue studying after high school, especially when he has got a lot of design requests from both inside and outside the country.

Active in Debate Competition since High School, Novitasari Becomes FEB Best Graduate

Novitasari's passion in learning Islamic economy has emerged since she was in high school. No wonder, she achieved a dozen achievements during her time on college. Most of them were scientific writing project and economic debates.

Winning a Competition and Three Awards In A Row, Nina Becomes FH Outstanding Graduate

This time, Nina Farah Adela became one of outstanding graduates list. The best bachelor’s degree (FH) alumnae from University has made many achievements during her time on college.

Consistent in Swimming, Hezby Becomes Outstanding Graduate from Faculty of Psychology

"My struggle during my time in college was focused on my education. Although, as an athlete is required to practice regularly every day, but I tried to do it all." Said Hezby Vierdausytha, outstanding graduate from Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga.