Warm Welcome from Sasak Tribe of Lombok to ENJ UNAIR Team

Nusantara Jaya Expedition (ENJ) Delegation left for West Nusa Tenggara on Saturday, August 11. By Passenger Motor Boat (KMP) Legundi, ENJ UNAIR team headed to the target location in Slemang 2, Rembitan Village, Pujut Sub-district, Central Lombok Regency.
panca Tirta Display UKM UNAIR

Amerta Candradimuka Introduces UKM to Freshmen Early On

Panca Tirta Display UKM, an activity aimed at introducing freshmen that UNAIR facilitates the students to actualize all potential interests and talents was opened by Vice Rector I Universitas Airlangga, Prof. Dr. Djoko Santoso, Ph.D., K-GH., FINASIM., on Monday, August 6. 

Literacy Movement, Gerbang Desa Volume IV Ready to Complete Library and Book Delivery

The construction of a library by Ministry of Community Service BEM UNAIR in 2017 in Jolosutro Village, Blitar had been stopped for a while and it is going to be completed in 2018.

Memorable Lebaran in Japan

Eid al Fitr has always been a special moment for every wandering Muslim. However, not all Muslims can enjoy the moment. Some remain in the overseas for community service, work, and study abroad.

LPM UNAIR Encourage KKN Supervisors To Optimize Role

To optimize the role of lecturers in KKN-BBM, Institute of Community Service held a meeting with supervising lecturers and partners. There was also representative of Surabaya Trade Agency in a meeting held at LPM Hall UNAIR on Tuesday, June 5.

KKN Kebangsaan, Ready to Serve Remote Parts of Nation

To improve various remote areas that are left behind, the government with all elements of the nation continue to make various efforts and breakthroughs. One of them is government collaboration with higher education institution through Student Community Service Program (KKN).

LPM UNAIR Organizes New Programs for 58th KKN-BBM

In order to optimize the role of Universitas Airlangga Community Service Program - Learning Together with the Community (KKN-BBM), UNAIR Institute of Community Service (LPM) continues to make breakthroughs. One of them by redesigning various types of KKN-BBM and its function.

KKN Back to Village Invites Students to Develop Hometown

Institute for Community Service (LPM) UNAIR developed a program KKN Back to Village that aim to provide access to students in developing their home areas.

KKN PKM for Gold Achievers in PIMNAS

Student Creativity Program (PKM) is one of the prestigious annual student activities. Universitas Airlangga also continues to collect the best ideas and works of students in PKM. For the best, students' work will be pitted and competed to the National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) event.

Foreign Community Service Program(KKN) as Appreciation to Conference and Competition Activists

To appreciate the students’ efforts to gain international recognition for the alma mater, Rector of UNAIR through Institute for Community Service (LPM) UNAIR made a policy to assess the activities abroad to be equivalent to the activities of Community Service Program  (KKN).