Strengthening International Network

Expanding international network is a must, especially when UNAIR expected to  reach the Top 500 World Universiti

Focusing Research on ‘Strategic’ Diseases

The secretary of ADPRC Prof. Dr. Suwarno was optimistic that the research center will successfully contribute in the community because in principle, the research has been conducted for years.

ADPRC, Spearhead of Disease Prevention Research

Health problems cannot be solved by only one party. There must be synergy between stakeholders.

A Step Towards Airlangga Health Science Park

One of the dreams this university is to establish Airlangga Health Science Park, a science complex in health and medicine.

“Product Oriented” to Make Better Public Education

In fact, with the cutting-edge products, public education activity will more attract people to join in and the result will be better.

Synergy Among Faculties

ADPRC cannot go faster if it is not supported by other faculties. Because synergy among the faculties is the key to the success of this research center.

Student Will be Engaged to Join in ADPRC

If the students do not take part, the regeneration will stop.

Teaching Human Relationship with God and Other Human

In Spiritual UKM we do not just learn about divinity but also about living together in society. 

Art is Addictive, Let’s Do Art in UKM!

“Art is addictive. Once you love art, then you will empty without it,” said Annisa Hanif, The leader of Art Division UKM UNAIR

Exercise Discipline, Okay for Diet

There are many martial arts organizations at UNAIR such as Jujitsu, Kempo, Taekwondo, Karate, Perguruan Setia Hati Terate, Tapak Suci, Perisai Diri, Merpati Putih, and Pagar Nusa.