Five Programs with Intense Competition for SBMPTN

UNAIR NEWS will provide information for prospective students applying through 2019 State University Joint Entrance Test (SBMPTN) (SBMPTN), about five social humanity programs with intense competition at Universitas Airlangga.

Five Science and Technology Programs with Intense Competition

To support the 2019 SBMPTN participants who will choose Universitas Airlangga, especially those who will choose science and technology program, UNAIR NEWS presents five Science and Technology programs at Universitas Airlangga which have the most intense competition.

Ministry of Community Service BEM UNAIR 2018 Closes Gerbang Desa Volume IV

Gerakan Bangun (Gerbang) Desa Volume IV activity was held on July 2018 in Jolosutro Village followed by celebrating 2018 Eid al-Adha celebration (Islamic Day of Sacrifice) successfully slaughtered 9 goats and 1 cow for residents. The activity program finally closed in February 2019.

Student Impression after Spending One Week of Community Service Camp in Remote Area, Lamongan

Here are the record of student impression after attending a series of 2019 Bidikmisi Service Camp activities in Dusun Suwaluh, Lamongan.

Developing Culture of Literacy through Reading Corner

Reading Corner is a special place for Suwaluh residents who want to read or borrow books for free in the corner of At-Taqwa Suwaluh Mosque.

Community Service Camp Helps Suwaluh Residents in Empowering Agricultural Products through MSMEs

The enthusiasm of community service student who are members of Bidikmisi Service Camp continues. This time, Community Service Camp held an entrepreneurial dissemination by presenting speakers from Office of Cooperatives and Micro-Business in Lamongan Regency.

Bidik Misi Community Service Camp Still Open Donation

Before the due date, various preparations for 2019 Service Camp are still ongoing. All of the donation items for these events and activities in one week will be collected 2 days before departures on Friday January, 12.

AUBMO Ready for Community Service Camp in Suwaluh Lamongan

"From the heart, ready to serve". A tagline that sets the spirit of enthusiasm alight for UNAIR Bidikmisi students to continue to share their kindness through the service activity titled "Bidik Misi Service Camp".

Team 59 KKN Ready to Continue Various Community Service Program

Universitas Airlangga continues to improve various breakthroughs for making a real contribution to the progress of nation through community service program (KKN). Similar to  previous KKN period, it was not only implemented in Surabaya, UNAIR KKN 59th was also held in several districts around Surabaya.

Winning Various Writing Competition, Ata Becomes Outstanding Graduates

Wildan Hafata Yahfitu Zahra should be proud of her several achievements that she made. Majoring in Historical Science, she became an outstanding graduate in Faculty Humanities, Universitas Airlangga. During her time as a student, she liked to explore her passion in writing said the girl who familiarly called Ata.