Complete Supporting Facilities in UNAIR Faculties

Each faculty of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has a complete supporting facilities where students can implement their knowledge.

Management Master Program Creates Paper Robot and Have Iftar with Orphans

Management Master Program (MM) FEB Universitas Airlangga held an iftar session with orphans of Nur-Hidayatullah Orphanage in Campus B last week, June 11.

Iconic Corners of Faculty of Medicine

All faculties of Universitas Airlangga have some iconic corners including in Faculty of Medicine.

PIH and TVRI Hold Discussion for Nation

Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR and TVRI held a public discussion in Warung Mbah Cokro Jalan Raya Prapen, on Wednesday, June 7.

Students Educated for Teamwork and Immersed in Laboratories

Faculty of Pharmacy always tries to produce excellent quality graduates.

Interesting Facilities in FIB to Support Studies

Faculty of Humanities has excellent facilities besides complete language laboratories.

FKH with Excellent Facilities and Human Resources

aculty of Veterinary Medicine has a lot of researchers with applicative contributions to community.

FKH Convivial Atmosphere Supports Student Achievements

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine never ceases innovating. The students are creative and brilliant.

Applicative Products from Dr drg Ernie Maduratna

One of the lecturers with great achievements of FKG UNAIR is Dr. Ernie Maduratna Setiawatie, drg., M.Kes., Sp.Perio.

“The Blue Zone” Multi-National Maritime Discussion

“The Blue Zone: Environment, Security and Resources in the Indo-Pacific Maritime Realm” panel discussion is the forum of experts to discuss maritime issues in Indian Ocean.