Teenagers and Pergaulan Bebas Meaning Shift in Contemporary Indonesia

The discourse was believed caused by unfiltered foreign culture influence in globalization.

Snake Venom, For Handling Tropical Diseases

Tropical diseases are a sort of diseases which often infect an area with tropical or subtropical climate.

Foreign Students Communication Problem

The problem was getting more complex if the foreign students were from countries which do not use English as their national language.

Kenduri, Public Space and Religious Diversity

Indonesian community in their daily life is largely affected by their spiritual consciousness. They always believe in having special relation with the nature. Traditional ceremony is a form of traditions still implemented until now. It...

Internet Doesn’t Kill Newspapers, the Owners and the Employees Do

The twilight of printed media lately has been in the spotlight.

Framing Pancasila as Fundamental of Nation

Pancasila as the fundamental ideology should be framed with nationalism. It is expected to bring unity in the diversity of Indonesia.

Learn Wisdoms From Cak Nun Works

Through his works, Cak Nun has predicted that technology sophistication and foreign culture will keep pushing and make this time getting crazier.

A Little about People Binary Opposition and Leaders

From the perspective of conventional historiography there is a the great men theory, where important events and social changes were moved by “big guys”.

Pragmatism As Political Party Ideology

Unfortunately, happening political fact in Indonesia was not the same as predicted by Sartori.

Permit Issues Trigger Floods

If their issuance is not based on those two things, then according to Law No. 30/2014 on State Administration, the officials can be demanded responsibilities for authority abuse.