Measuring Intellectual Potential of Indonesian Millennial Generation

In this opportunity, the author tries to offer a new perspective, a critical analysis of the intellectuality of the millennial generation in Indonesia.

Two Years of UNAIR NEWS and Scientific Attitude

UNAIR NEWS is expected to become the actual online media portal of campus and the academic community of Universitas Airlangga.

Beware of Diphtheria Threats in Indonesia

Data from the Ministry of Health showed that up to November 2017 there were 95 regencies / cities from 20 provinces reporting diphtheria cases so overall, there are 622 cases, 32 of them had caused mortality.

Between Passion, Job and Department: Can We Choose All Three?

There are a lot of graduates who felt that what they do after college is the opposite of what they want to do. The general term is choosing wrong majors.

UAS: Test of Ability, Knowledge, and Honesty

In the end of the 2017, Final Exam (UAS) is held. For two weeks, students devoted their thoughts, time, and energy to study.
Health Service

National Health Day Reflection, Importance of Human Resource Development

History has shown, HR is the key to the state success in building its future, not from natural resources.

Have We Fulfilled Children’s Rights?

November 20, 2017, is the moment of celebration for World Children’s Day. Recently, UNICEF held a campaign on the fulfillment of the Rights of the Child.

MR Vaccine Coverage Optimism Towards a Healthy Qualified Generation

Measles diseases are endemic. In all countries of the world, in 2013 there are 145,700 deaths caused by measles.

Dilemma in the Study of Obedient Student

Many people do not realize that not all parents understand his children. They are more able to observe the success of others. 

Idealism, Moral, and Final Semester: Student Challenges

STATUS as a college student is the highest degree education level given to the seeker of knowledge.