Puteri Indonesia East Java Wants to be Lecturer

Puteri Indonesia of East Java in 2017 Fatma Ayu Husnasari admitted that she was interested to be a lecturer in her alma mater, Faculty of Law Universitas Airlangga.

LPDP Awardee who Often Wins Journalism Competition

Eben Haezer who often made some achievements in journalism competitions was appointed as the best master graduate from FISIP UNAIR.

Best Graduate Becomes Lecturer in Hometown

The lecturer of Faculty of Law UNLAM, Banjarmasin is appointed as the best doctoral graduate from FH Universitas Airlangga in July 2017 graduation.

Desy Graduated Best for Her Love to Animals

Her love to animals has made Desy Meta Anggraini appointed as the best bachelor's degree graduate of FKH with 3.94 GPA.

Broadcaster Becomes Best Graduate

Danan Prima Nanda was appointed as the best bachelor’s degree graduate of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga in July 207.

Going to Campus Even A Day Before Giving Birth

Nikmatus Sa’adah, the woman who perseveres in striving for her goals, was able to become the best graduate of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga.

Applying the “Studying Technique” Model

Studying Technique" is a learning technique created by Vita Kartika Cahyani during her study in Communication Sciences, FISIP Universitas Airlangga.

Suggesting How to Overcome Sexual Deviance

Dewi Rokhmah has conducted many researches related to sexual behavior that occurred in her native region, Jember.

Be Best Graduate After Three Times Changing Topic

Fathiyah Safithri was elected as the best doctoral graduate of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga with 3.94 GPA.

Best Graduate who Likes Developing Network

Nurita Dania Anindita has made great academic achievement as the best graduate with 3.85 GPA as well as developed networks and run a business.