Monika, Housewife Succeeds to be Best Master Graduate FKM UNAIR

Monika Kartikaning Fajarin named the best master's degree graduate with 3.98 GPA from Faculty of Public Health, Universitas Airlangga.
Niken Indriyanti

Niken Indriyanti, Graduated Best from UNAIR Pharmacy Doctoral Program with Perfect GPA

Niken Indriyanti was consistent in conducting research so she earned the best graduate award of Faculty of Pharmacy with a perfect GPA, 4.00.

Researching the Cause of Children ‘Tantrum’, Yunita Fauziah Graduated Best

Yunita Fauziah finished her study with achievements and graduated as the best graduate of Faculty of Nursing Universitas Airlangga. She earned 3.71 GPA.
aini mulyadi

No Instant Process, Nur Aini Named Best Master’s Graduate of Pharmacy UNAIR

Nur Aini Mulyadi, S.Farm., Apt., M.Farm., alumna of Pharmaceutical Science Master’s Program, was declared best graduate Faculty of Pharmacy December 2017. 

Nurmalasari, Best FST Doctoral Graduate: Studying Not for Promotion

Nurmalasari, FST doctoral student of UNAIR, conducted a research titled "Development of Immunodiagnosis Method of Sugarcane Mosaic Disease Using Antibodies For Sugarcane Mosaic Virus Protein Recombinant ".

Emil Faizza: Time Management is the Key

Her field of work in the world of Media and Communications made her take master education in that field. Emil graduated from her master education in 2017.

UNAIR Young Doctor Reaches Success Through Thousands of Followers

Since his name and profile as a student FK UNAIR displayed in Instagram @masukkampus account, instantly the number of his followers  skyrocketed.

Far from Family, Noorce Becomes Best Graduate of FKM

Dr. Noorce Christiani Berek, S.KM., M.Kes unable to stop her tears as she had a lot of experiences during her process of obtaining her doctoral degree.

Studying Domestic Violence, Bernadeta Graduated Best from Psychology UNAIR

Bernadeta Ayuning Tyas Ajeng Satiti should be proud to be chosen as the best graduate of Faculty of Psychology in September 2017.

PTUN Judge Hari Sugiharto Becomes the Best Doctoral Graduate Faculty of Law UNAIR

Hari Sugiharto should be proud of himself because he has succeeded to be the best graduate of Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Law.