Gading Ekapuja, FKp Staff in Academic Fellowship in America

Gading admitted that the selection of President Barack Obama's program was very strict and competitive.

Airlangga Career Workshop Prepares Airlangga Knights to be Ready to Work

One hundred and ten students looked very enthusiastic when they were attending the event.

‘Critical Thinking’ to Suppress Hoaxes and Radicalism

Lately the public is much troubled by the spread of hoax, false news, and issues that are not clear. 

FK UNAIR Officially Opens ‘Medika Sejahtera’ Cooperative

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the entire guests were allowed to see the new cooperative.

’Basic Training of Public Health’, UNAIR Banyuwangi Public Health Regeneration

Undergraduate Student Association of Public Health of PSDKU Universitas Airlangga Banyuwangi, by holding Basic Training of Public Health (BToPH) last Saturday.

Archery Rector Cup, FKH Grand Champion

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) became the grand champion of Archery Rector Cup by collecting four gold and two bronze medals.

UNAIR Banyuwangi Holds AIROC to Develop Talent and Interests

Airlangga Olympic Challenge (AIROC) was held at PSDKU Universitas Airlangga Banyuwangi on Sunday, November 12.

UNAIR Supports Surabaya To Be City of Literacy

In celebrating its 63rd anniversary, Universitas Airlangga organizes an educational program related to the world of literacy. It was titled Airlangga Book Sale (ABS) 2017.

Two Knights of Airlangga Make the List of Inspiring Youth Sidoarjo 2017

Ahadin Syarifudin Fahmi Adimara Master student of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Public Health and Revindia Carina

‘Kita Peduli’, Sharing to Spread the Joy

In this bazaar attendee enjoy buy some foods and goods from many vendors who most of them are elder seller.