Incite Nationalism through Poster Competition

Darmabangga stands for ‘Dari Mahasiswa untuk Bangsa dan Airlangga (From Students for Nation and Airlangga)’.

Work and Study Simultaneously, Train Mental and Soft Skill

UNAIR NEWS – There are so many benefits of working and studying simultaneously. It trains our mental awareness and improves our attitude during interaction with public. Our soft skill in communication is also trained. Umar Fanani,...

Chairul Tanjung Talks about Present Global Economy

The former Chairman of National Economic Committee (KEN) considered present global economy as an aeroplane which the engines are having problems.

Rector Hopes Graduation to be Students’ Seventh Heaven

In a photo booth, an antique motorbike, a heavy-weight motorcycle, and three speech boards were provided.

[Podcast] WANALA UNAIR Celebrates Earth Day with Wanafest 2016

WANALA Adventure Festival 2016 is the first festival held by UKM WANALA which was also a part of WANALA UNAIR 42th Anniversary celebration.

Lecturers Trained to Improve KKN Quality

The Head of the LP4M said that the training was for lecturers who really want to serve in guiding students in KKN-BBM.

All About Death in Ethnography Museum FISIP UNAIR

The Head of Ethnography Museum and Study Center, Toetik Koesbardiati, Ph.D, said that Death is a cycle of life which is quite close to human.

UNAIR Majestic Graduation, from Store to Traditional Patrol Music

In the second day, the graduates with their family and relatives enjoyed various facilities and musical performance managed by Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) UNAIR.

A Lesson from the Best Graduate, Jampidsus Dr. Arminsyah

He believed that it was his effort to always learn and seek for knowledge.

Danielle Tello, UNAIR Graduate from Colombia, Calls for Mitigation on Poverty and Gender Gap

She expected all graduates to use the knowledge they have to build better future as it is the best way to establish Universitas Airlangga’s reputation.