Today’s Summary News Media Coverage on UNAIR (1/7)

News Coverage on UNAIR in printed media

UNAIR Management Master Program Gives Aid

Civitas academica of Management Master program, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) gave aid to children and staff of Basic Technical Organizing Unit (UPTD) Kampung Anak negeri, on Friday, July 1.

Professor of FKG UNAIR, Prof. Dr. Hj. Tien Soesmiati Surojo. Drg, Passes Away

One of UNAIR's best scholars, Prof. Dr. Hj. Tien Soesmiati Surojo, Drg., passed away

Today’s Summary of News Media Coverage on UNAIR (30/6)

News coverage on UNAIR in the printed media.

USIPP 2016, Visiting Cities of Two Countries while Having Discussions

This year, UNAIR participated again in USIPP (US-Indonesia Partnership Program) 2016.

Update Knowledge in Periodontics Update Seminar

Department of Periodontics with Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI) held a Community Professional Development (CPD).

Lecturers and Students Must be Optimistic on International Publications

Few years ago, Dikti issued a memo on doctoral program students obligation to have scientific international publications.

UNAIR Future Freshmen from SBMPTN 2016 Urged to Re-Register

Rector of Universitas Airlangga urged the applicants admitted in UNAIR to complete the re-registration process to be freshmen.

Ramadan Festivity, UNAIR Helps 1000 Orphans

Civitas academica of UNAIR helped 1000 orphans of orphanages around campus or in other areas in Surabaya and Sidoarjo.

Learn Together in Routine Scientific Assembly

TIB in June held on Wednesday, June 29, 2016, in Garuda Muka Hall FKG UNAIR.