Kurnia Ramadhani’s Story Developing Potentials in Two Continents

Kurnia Ramadhani or familiarly called Dhani is an alumna of Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Public Health (FKM) graduated in 2009. Dhani is currently a Section Head of Health and Nursing Services at Tongas Hospital, Probolinggo.
faculty of pharmacy UNAIR

Alumnus Shares Insight on Professional World

Student Executive Board (BEM) of Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) targets all undergraduate and professional students for the ‘Alumni Share’. The event facilitates alumni to share experiences and knowledge about the professional world.

Travelplanner “Go Far Way”, Profession Out of Hobby

Rizal Rakhmat Dwianto is determined to become a world-class travelplanner.

Emil Faizza: Time Management is the Key

Her field of work in the world of Media and Communications made her take master education in that field. Emil graduated from her master education in 2017.

Inda Karsunawati Wins Best Poster Award at Two Conferences in Taiwan

In the last two months, on conferences she attended, Inda was awarded the Best Poster in 2017 Taiwan Biomechanics Workshop and Excellent Poster in 2017 Taiwan Biomechanics Annual Symposium.

IKA UNAIR Opens Stock Trading in BEI

IKA UA DKI Jakarta successfully opened the stock trading in Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) Jakarta, Tuesday, on November 7.

Alumni of UNAIR Communication Science Win Go-Video 2017

The alumni of the Universitas Airlangga have made another achievement. 

UNAIR Young Pianist Performs in Presence of European Queens

He focused on his classical music career. He was a young man brave enough to work according to follow his interests.

Piyu: Music is my Savior

“Music gives me a living, music gives me fortune. When I tried to leave it, universe seemed to refuse. Lot of failures. At the same time, music saved me"

Robert James Bintaryo, Management Alumnus Becomes Head of KDEI Taiwan

Robert James Bintaryo is an alumnus of the FEB Universitas Airlangga and the Head of Indonesia Economic and Trade Office (KDEI).