Care for Others, FEB Academicians Donate Blood

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) currently needs one million bags of blood. It motivates Community Service Department of Student Executive Board Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Airlangga  to donate blood, Wednesday, September 20, in  Fajar Notonegoro Hall. This annual event was called “Share Blood, Share Life, Share Smile”.

Opened from 08.00 to 14.00, more than 200 participants enthusiastic academicians donated their blood. Not only donating their blood, they also did a health check from Rumah Zakat.

Not all participants can donate their blood. They have to meet some requirements, such as being healthy, minimum weight 50 kilogram to get 350 cc of blood, normal blood pressure, hemoglobin levels more than 12.5 grams per deciliter, not alcoholic, no tattoos , has no history of severe diseases, and not pregnant.

Furthermore, blood donors have various benefits for the health of the body, such as protecting the heart, reduce the risk of cancer, prevent premature aging, help blood circulation, lower cholesterol.

“This activity is one of the programs of the Department of Community Service, with a goal to cultivate a sense of care and bring awareness to have concern with the environment,” explained Reinthard Xaverius, head of the committee.

There was a performance of acoustic group Macoustic from Management student so they participants did not feel bored.

“I like helping others, even with only a bag of blood. This is not the first time for me to donate blood, I last did it in Senior High School (SMA), so 4 times I have donated blood, “said Linda Ayu, undergraduate of Development Economics, one of blood donors.

The donors get various gifts from PMI and the committee as a form of appreciation for caring for others.

Author: Siti Nur Umami

Editor: Defrina Sukma S


UNAIR Collaborates with Flinders University to Give Health Counseling

UNAIR NEWS – As part of Higher Education Tri Darma, the Faculty of Nursing and Universitas Airlangga Hospital (RSUA) in collaboration with College of Nursing and Health Sciences Flinders University Australia conducted health counseling to the public at UNAIR. It was for patients and families on the 2nd floor clinic of RSUA on Wednesday, September 20.

In the counseling, College of Nursing and Health Sciences of Flinders University Australia was represented by two lecturers, Dr. Wendy Abigail PhD, RN BN (Hons), Lynette (Lyn) Gum, PhD, RN BN and five students, Gabrielle Easom, Loren Mildren, Cheryl Watson, Lisa Johnson, and Amber Feuerherdt.

FKp UNAIR was represented by Ika Nur Pratiwi, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep and Aria Aulia, S.Kep., Ns., M.Kep and four students. From RSUA, there were Dr. Afif Nurul Hidayati, dr., SpKK, FINSDV. as the person in charge as well as Manager of Education and Training RSUA.

“This activity is part of the implementation of overseas cooperation in the scheme of mobility program activities, and is a form to support UNAIR towards World Class University (WCU) in 2020,” said Ika.

FKp itself has established a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the College of Nursing and Health Sciences of Flinders University. Every year, there are always innovations in the implementation of collaboration.

Health counseling was delivered directly by Flinders students accompanied by faculty and staff, both from FKp and RSUA. The topic was about sports, hygiene and hand health, and how to brush your teeth properly. In the presentation, the speaker used several media, one of them was Power Point (PPT). In order to be easily understood, this health Counseling also used a simple leaflet in Indonesian language.

“Handwashing with proper alcohol scrubs is useful to prevent transmission of infection, especially in hospitals. Simple physical exercise techniques can be healthy and make the body always fit, “said one Flinders student who gives counseling.

There were a total of 35 participants following the counseling. Some of them are constrained to follow the counseling and participate in the examination. Participants looked enthusiastic. Evidently, many of them are actively asking questions about their health and their complaints.

At the end of counseling, the presenter provides souvenirs to the extension participants in the form of brush and toothpaste. (*)

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

Winning Prizes by Sharing Fun Experiences with UNAIR

UNAIR NEWS – Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) Universitas Airlangga gave appreciations to the 18 winners of the writing, photo and video competition on Wednesday, September 20. Besides the winners, there were media crews, staff and official of PIH.

Defrina Sukma Satiti, S. IP., as the Head of the Committee said that the competition themed “Fun Experience with UNAIR” was held to improve UNAIR exposure through social medias. It was also held to bring awareness about UNAIR that has been appointed by the government to reach Top 500 World Class University in 2020.

“With these competitions, we wanted to bring the awareness. Why social media? Because social media is the most popular media nowadays,” said Defrina.

Defrina hoped that the winners would keep sharing their experiences with UNAIR. For the opinion writing competition winners, she expected them to keep writing their ideas for universities, especially UNAIR.

“I hope you keep sharing your experiences with UNAIR, and your ideas for the advancement of universities especially UNAIR,” said the alumnus of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNAIR.

The Head of Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) Dr. Suko Widodo said that  the winners were the chosen ones based on the criteria of the competition. He said that PIH was ready to develop their talents.

The expert of political communications also said that this kind of competitions which develop students’ creativity should be done continuously, at least once a year.

“We will keep holding this kind of competitions, at least once a year. There will be more interesting one with bigger prizes,” said the lecturer who has just done his doctoral program of Social Sciences, FISIP UNAIR.

On behalf of the winners, M. Wahyu Syafiul Mubarok, the writing competition winner hoped that UNAIR can improve and develop students’ literacy on reading and writing. So being a world class university will not be a dream.

“To improve the reading and writing interest, in my opinion, can be done through library optimalization, not only in Campus B but also in other UNAIR campuses. Also, by introducing students to international journals early on,” said Wahyu.

Meanwhile, Gaby Calisha Azzahra the winner of video competition expressed her thanks to PIH which has facilitated students’ creativity.

“The competition obviously facilitated the fellow creators, videographers, also with the photo and writing competition. These competitions did not only make us compete but also create new works,” said Gaby. (*)

Author : Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor : Nuri Hermawan

SKI FH Holds Discussion on Rohingya Tragedy

UNAIR NEWS – Violence against ethnic Rohingya conducted by the government of Myanmar through its military makes the students who are members of the Semi Autonomous Body (BSO) SKI FH UNAIR concerned and want to discuss it.

“We as Muslims are certainly concerned about the incident. We show our concern by holding this public discussion. Actually we always hold regular discussions and this time coincides with the Rohingya issue so we wanted to study the issue. We want to know exactly what happened in Myanmar and certainly with a wider scope of discussion, “said the Head of the SKI FH UNAIR.

There were three speakers in the public discussion held on September 8, Iman Prihandono, Ph.D., I Wayan Tatib SH, MS who are both lecturers of the Faculty of Law UNAIR and Firdaus Faisal representing the students’ voices.

In his presentation I Wayan Tatib highlighted this humanitarian tragedy from an international humanitarian perspective.

“What the government of Myanmar has done is categorized as genocide. If it still happens then we can sue to the international crime tribunal, “said the lecturer of International Law.

Iman then explained the tragedy of Rohingya from the eyes of international organizations.

“The participation of international organizations and institutions within the ASEAN should also play an active role in creating peace, including internal conflicts within a country,” said the head of the International Law Department.

Faisal explained about the role of students in dealing with this Rohingya tragedy.

“We as young generation should not address this from the religious aspect  only assessed that this is a matter of religion only, but there is also conflict in economy, politics and other interests, “said this 5th semester student.

The conclusion of the discussion attended by 26 students is to reject the actions of Burmese government for whatever forms and reasons as it is not legally justified internationally.

The public discussion concluded with the signing session as a form of denial towards the spiritual tragedy.


Author: Pradita Desianti

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

Role of Technology to Face Indonesian Industrial Challenges

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian economic growth cannot be separated from contributions of many sectors, including from the manufacture industry. Manufacturing industry has supported 5% of Indonesian Brutto Domestic Income (PDB). On the other hand, the industry itself is facing global challenges, such as technological development.

To respond to this challenge, Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) held a seminar entitled “Riding The Wave of Technological Changes: The Way Forward to Drive Productivity And Alleviate Inequality.”

Dr. Rudi Purwono, Vice Dean I FEB extended warm welcome and thanks to all the participants, especially to the students of Indonesian Economics Course.

Located in Fajar Notonegoro Hall on Tuesday, September 19, there were some speakers from the academics, entrepreneurs and related institution.

The speakers were Yasir Niti Samudro, Ph.D from Fiscal Policy Agency, DR. (HC) Alim Markus from Maspion Grup, and Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, Ph.D from Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). The second session, there were DR. Cornelius Tjahjaprijadi from Fiscal Policy Agency, Ir. Arief Tri Hardjoko, MT from Bappeda of East Java, an academic of  FEB Dr. Rudi Purwono.

The focus of the discussion was about the utilization of advance tenchnology in manufacturing industry, also how to push growth of e-commerce in Indonesia.

Alim explained that to respond the global challenges, Maspion accelerates and improves its products.

“Maspion used to produce fans only, but it also produces AC now. But we still produce conventional series which still has its market in eastern regions,” added Alim.

Similar statement was made by Yasir that economic changes revolve around entrepreneurship and market power. Manual work is being replaced by technology. The industrials must also aware of this rapid advancement. Some developed countries even have initiated an idea of Industrial Revolution 4.0 which is based on the internet, data center and automation.

Cornelius also elaborated that one of the obstacles of e-commerce in developing countries are infrastructure, technology, network availability and quality human resources. (*)

Author : Siti Nur Umami

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

With Excellent Self-Management Dewi Indah Cahyani Graduated Best from FIB UNAIR

UNAIR NEWS – ”Know yourself first.” It was a statement from the best bachelor graduate of Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga, Dewi Indah Cahyani, when she was asked about her tips and tricks to make the achievement. The woman born on December, 1994 knows the best type and method of learning.

“Are we a type of students who learn better individually or in groups, in a quiet or crowded environment, learning until midnight or in the morning? So we need to know ourselves first, for example, I am easy to be sleepy so I must listen to music or accompanied by friends,” said the woman that achieved 3.85 GPA.

The next tip from the woman that keen on traditional dance and watching movies was do not only focus on learning. The winner of best dance in Yosakoi Festival 2015 said that besides learning in classes, students should have activities outside their academic activities.

“But make sure that you like doing it. Because it is meant to refresh you from the tiring and stressful studies,” she said. She added to the importance of having goals or abjectives, for example to be a successful person and able to make parents happy.

The woman who has been a member of Yosakoi club in Japanese Literature Department also shared an interesting experience during college. She once participated in Ngangsu Candra Kidung 2017 drama performance called “Pralaya Tumapel” in Cak Durasim, March 2 2017. She was a dancer in that performance.

“Even though it was hard, practicing hard for 3 months, especially when I didn’t have any basic at traditional dancing, but with hard work alhamdulillah we had a successful performance,” she said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh, bes

Focusing on Migrant Workers, M Asphian Arwin Becomes FH UNAIR Best Master Graduate

UNAIR NEWS – Muhammad Asphian Arwin, the man from Raha, South East Sulawesi has been appointed as the best master graduate of Faculty of Law  Universitas Airlangga with 3.79 GPA. Started from supporting a lecturer’s research on health law for the migrant workers, Asphian got interested and focused his study on it.

”I found out some legal issues experienced by migrant workers, one of the issues was on health protection in ASEAN region. I focus on the rights protection of migrant workers in getting health insurance and make a legal framework for the workers to get access to health protection abroad,” said the man who wrote a thesis entitled “Framework Implementation of Universal Health Coverage Principle for Migrant Workers Health Protection in ASEAN Region”.

In addition to his study, Asphian also supported a lecturer’s research and thesis research in Leiden University in Holland. During his study in Java, he admitted that he experienced language difficulty but it was not a real obstacle for him.

”During my master study, there were no academic difficulties, but it was quite difficult to settle in. So I had to learn Javanese,” Asphian explained.

At the moment, Asphian is busy with a research with a lecturer and learning a language to study abroad. In the end of the interview, Asphian shared some tips for students to successfully finishing their studies.

”Discipline in finishing assignment and time management, it is because most  master’s student have a job, so sometimes times for their studies and jobs do not match. Therefore, as I didn’t work yet, I managed my time with academic and student organizations,” he added. (*)

Author: Pradita Desyanti

Editor: Defrina Sukma S, bes

IGAK Yulia Dewi Graduated Best After 13 Years Away from Campus Activity

UNAIR NEWS – Being a graduate after completing bachelor study at the Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga in 2001, did not stop I Gusti Agung Komang Yulia Dewi, from studying again. After 13-years away from the campus, Yulia returned to take her master degree in the same faculty. In fact, she successfully graduated as the best graduate with 3.80 GPA.

“I graduated from undergraduate program in 2001 but UNAIR does not have a professional program yet. Well , in the year 2000 I got a student scholarship program from GE Money, so I worked and enjoyed it too much. I am waiting at Udayana (professional program, -red ) but not yet open. Finally I returned to UNAIR, “said Yulia.

For a long waiting time,  Yulia had extensive work experience from working as Sales Manager PT General Electric Finance Indonesia Surabaya Branch (2000-2008), Visa Manager of PT Bali Mode Indonesia Sanur (2009-2011), Business Development Manager of PT Bali Mode Indonesia Sanur (2011-2012), and Chief of Business Relation & Academic HighScope Indonesia Bali School Support (2012-2014).

He had some difficulties in the beginning to study. She needs to make more adjustments after working for 14 years. “There is an unforgettable event that happened in the beginning of my study in my matriculation period. At the end of the matriculation period there was a test. Well , I need three tests in order to fit the 65 score. The first test failed. The next day I failed a test again. In the last exam, last chance, I just managed it somehow, ” she said with a laugh.

She had also been rejected in some hotels before her practice of the profession, She believed it was a test for her. “I applied to almost ten hotels, until finally Hotel Grand Inna Surabaya accepted me for practical work. They refused for various reasons, such as there is confidentiality of employee data, internship positions already filled with other students, etc., ” she said.

But eventually, all efforts Yulia have paid off. She got a new degree as the best graduate of Master of Professional Psychology Universitas Airlangga. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

Editor: Nuri Hermawan, bes

Fearing of Fish, Aisyah Afrianti Graduated Best FPK UNAIR

UNAIR NEWS – One of Aisyah Afrianti’s fun experiences is holding a fish at the lab. This girl from Surabaya holding the best bachelor graduate of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga, for September 2017 graduation, claimed to be afraid of animals including fish. However, the fear was lost when the graduate with 3.76 GPA became Aquaculture program student. Inevitably, she tried to convinced herself to hold the fish.

“The most enjoyable experience was when I had to hold fish at the lab. I am afraid of animals. So, firstly held it, yes, I was afraid. It feels good as well because finally I dare to touch it. Although somewhat ticklish at hands, “recalled Aisha while laughing.

In her research, Aisyah conducted research on seawater contamination off the coast of Sumenep. Types of heavy metal pollutants caused by oil and gas exploration activities include lead, mercury, and cadmium.

“In order not to pollute seaweed, we should distinguish the location for seaweed cultivation and other activities that potentially polluting. At least, we should consider the distance of the location is done in the same area as in Sumenep, “added the woman born 24 April 1995.

According to Aisyah, seaweed is an export commodity with high economic value. Seaweed is widely used for food.

“That’s why research is needed on the level of pollution to seaweed considering the sea in Indonesia is quite polluted,” said Aisyah.

Asked about her tips in learning, Aisyah admitted that she tried to study seriously during classes. The rest, he just repeated the material on the test period. After graduation, the woman planned to continue study in Japan. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh, bes

FKH Holds International General Lecture

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) received special guests on Tuesday morning, September 19. They are Dr Jeffrey C. Mariner DVM, PhD. and Prof. Dr. Jeffrey K. Griffiths, MD., MPH&TM from Tuft University, USA. Both gave lectures in Tandjung Adiwinata room, 2nd floor, faculty building.

Dr. Mariner is a Veterinary Epidemiologist who has conducted research in Indonesia especially in the island of Java. It was not surprising and his lecture was titled Mass Vaccination and the Incidence of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza on Java Island: A One Health Perspective.

On that occasion, he explained many things about avian flu. One of them was about the absolute challenge faced in Indonesia. Among other things, the problem of population density and the speed of regeneration of poultry that live in the community.

“Well, it is the researchers’ job to face challenges and provide concrete solutions,” explained the man who completed a doctoral program at University of Guelph.

After the presentation from Mariner, it was Prof Griffith’s turn to deliver his lecture to the students and lecturers. Professor in the field of Public Health and Community Medicine is talking about Water and Environment Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance.

Prof. Griffith, Dr. Mariner, and Muchammad Yunus

He highlighted on the importance of understanding technological developments to solve health problems in water and the environment. The problems are getting more complex. Thus, it takes knowledge from several aspects to deal with it.

In the same place, Faculty Ambassador Muchammad Yunus PhD said, this event was held to provide a global insight to the academic community. “Let’s learn from various sources. This general lecture is a golden opportunity to gain knowledge on  Veterinary Epidemiology and Enviromental Epidemiology, “he said.

This public lecture was organized in cooperation between UNAIR and Indohun or Indonesia One Health University Network. Currently, UNAIR has One Health Collaboration Center (OHCC), named Airlangga Disease Prevention and Research Center (ADPRC). Besides UNAIR, other campuses that have OHCC are UGM and Udayana.

The ADPRC will focus on helping governments deal with infectious diseases, especially zoonosis. Establishment of ADPRC was fully supported by Indohun. No wonder, in the future, there will be many ADPRC events or activities connected with Indohun. ADPRC will focus on human health, veterinary science, environmental health studies, and create effective products. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rahman