Veterinary Students Find out the Efficacy of Apis Dorsata Honey Bee to Increase Fertility...

Five students of Faculty of Veterinary (FKH) have found out the efficacy of Apis Dorsata honey bee which could enhance three times fertility of bird egg

UNAIR Students Create STEVITY, a Monitoring Tool of Congenital Heart Disease

five students of FST UNAIR create a device that can monitor blood electrocardiography and viscosity, also can classify congenital heart disease.

Preeclampsia Causing Factor Analysis to Reduce Maternal Mortality Rate

Students of Statistics program,FST Universitas Airlangga has made an innovation in Exacta Research Student Creativity Program.

Honey from Apis Dorsata Can be as Anti-Osteoporosis Medicine

Student of Faculty of Veterinary UNAIR create Honey from Apis Dorsata Honey to be an alternative for osteoporosis medicine.

Through SEM Interpretation, Apis Dorsata Honey can be as Osteoporosis Preventive Medicine

student from FKH showed that Apis Dorsata Honey can be as Osteoporosis preventive medicine prevention through Scanning Electron Microscope Interpretation

UNAIR Students Offer Artificial Blood Vessels for Atherosclerosis Cases

Biomedical Engineering students from the FST UNAIR succeeded in making innovations in the form of synthetic biodegradable blood vessels for atherosclerosis.

Young Dentists Launch Integrated System to Monitor Pregnant Women Visit

Students of dental medicine profession program at Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga have launched a web-based recording system 
vein secure

“Vein Secure”, UNAIR Student Innovation as ‘Self Security System’

Universitas Airlangga’s students have succeeded creating a tool that can identify the vein pattern on the back of the human hand for Self Security System.

Heat Resistant and Affordable ‘Cordierite’ Ceramic Glass Electric Isolator

Students of Physics Department of FST UNAIR have succeeded in making a breakthrough, ceramic-based electrical isolators using local raw materials. 

UNAIR Students Study the Danger of Electronic and Conventional Cigarettes

Five students of Biology FST UNAIR compared the effect of electronic and conventional cigarettes to the lungs of lab rats’ (Rattus norvegicus).