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Amin Alamsjah at NTOU

Vice Rector III UNAIR Presents University Social Responsibility in Taiwan

Universitas Airlangga has been participating actively  in various international-scale activities and forums. This active participation is done to compete and exchange ideas with the ranks of world-class universities.
FEB UNAIR Cigarette Excise

Responding to Increased Cigarette Excise Tax, FEB UNAIR Holds Discussion

The government’s commitment to implement a policy of simplifying the layer (simplication) of cigarette excise tax faced a rejection. In response, the Economics Development Laboratory (LPEP) of Universitas Airlangga collaborated with Governor of East Java to hold a panel discussion on Wednesday, August 8 in Tirtodiningrat Campus B UNAIR.
FK UNAIR doctors to Lombok

FK UNAIR Doctors Team Swift Response to Support Lombok Disaster Relief Effort

Team of doctors from Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) took the initiative to raise funds as well as head to the location to provide medical treatment on Tuesday morning, August 7.

Water Clover to Improve Catfish Cultivation through Aquaponics

Three Universitas Airlangga students in their innovative research have found the influence of water clover to reduce ammonia in aquaponic system cultivation, so it can improve fishery production in Indonesia.
pony fish PKM UNAIR

Combination of Pony Fish -Mahogany Fruit to Improve Cat’s Appetite

Combining the waste of pony fish with mahogany fruit (Swietenia mahagoni), the team of Universitas Airlangga students of Off Main Campus Study Program (PSDKU)  in Banyuwangi, succeeded in processing it into an alternative typical tropical cat wet feed.

Traveling to Banyuwangi? ‘TEMPONG’ as guide, Travelmate The solution

TEMPONG here is an abbreviation of Travel Company with Lare Osing - an online guide training program that uses the media in the form of Travelmate application .

Responding to Flash Flood Disaster, KM PSDKU Invites Volunteer

Social Department of Student Family (KM) PSDKU Universitas Airlangga in Banyuwangi initiated an event " Volunteers  Limited Opportunity for Alas Flash Flood, Malang”.
Dungek village PKM

Suggesting Hydroponics Garden for Fishermen During Rainy Season

Universitas Airlangga students introduce hydroponics to fishermen of Dungkek Village, Sumenep Regency as a solution for the problem.
D3 information System

D3 Information System Responds to Challenges of Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a challenge for today's society, especially nowadays students or millennial generation. The infinity of technological advances raises new problems.
pontianak student

Daring Move, Pontianak High School Students Visit UNAIR

Out of curiosity and interest, nine students from several high schools in Pontianak independently visited Universitas Airlangga on Friday, December 15.