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D3 information System

D3 Information System Responds to Challenges of Industrial Revolution 4.0

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a challenge for today's society, especially nowadays students or millennial generation. The infinity of technological advances raises new problems.
pontianak student

Daring Move, Pontianak High School Students Visit UNAIR

Out of curiosity and interest, nine students from several high schools in Pontianak independently visited Universitas Airlangga on Friday, December 15.
Dr. Suko Hardjono, Drs., Apt.,

Dr. Suko Hardjono: Work with Consistency and Responsibility

For his dedication in the field of student affairs since the '90s, Dr. Suko Hardjono, Drs., Apt., received a Lifetime Achievement Award on Student Affairs. 

UNAIR Students Provide Disaster Response Training in Mojokerto

"Community Service is one of our efforts as a student and college civitas to be able to give the best work to the community.

Rector: University Graduates are Our Responsibility

The statement was made by the Rector of UNAIR Prof. Moh. Nasih in his speech when opening Airlangga Career Fair

Seaweed Waste Supports Plankton Growth in Ponds

The waste generated from Echeuma cottonii seaweed processing can provide added value and improve the economy significantly and support the growth of phytoplankton in the pond.

Sponge-6.1 Isolates, Pneumonia Bacteria Blocker Candidate

The Sponge-6.1 isolate is believed to be a drug candidate to inhibit the growth of Streptococcus pneumonia, the bacteria causing pneumonia.

Cultivate Milkfish and Plant Vegetables Hydroponically Simultaneously

Five students of the UNAIR offered a cultivation technology as well as gardening called "AKANGTAPE" means milkfish aquaculture and their utilization.

Tani Bule Farm, a Solution for Cultivation of Catfish and Hydroponic Plant

Five students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Universitas Airlangga, created solution for cultivation Hydroponic Plant and catfish.

The Ascent of Denali Postponed Due to Uncertain Weather

The Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDeX) Athletes of Mountaineering Club (UKM WANALA) UNAIR postponed continuing trip due to the uncertain weather.