UNAIR student wins First Place in National Essay Competition CLC Law Fair 2021

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Noering Ratu Fatheha Fauziah Sejati wins 1st Winner of the CLC Law Fair 2021, a National Scientific Writing Competition. (Photo: Private Doc)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga’s student has made another achievement in the National Scientific Writing Competition (KTI). Noering Ratu Fatheha Fauziah Sejati won first place in the general category of Essay Competition at CLC Law Fair 2021. The competition was organized by the Civil Law Community Student Association, Faculty of Law, Universitas Jember.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on Monday, May 31, 2021, Noering said she was motivated to participate in the competition because she wanted to try new things. She wanted to challenge herself to take part in individual competitions because usually, Noering participates in competitions with a team.

“Furthermore, I am interested in the topic carried out, about the connection between Law and Technology. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, all activities are carried out online using information technology. However, it is very unfortunate that there is no legal protection for some of the technologies used,” she explained.

The competition, in her opinion, could not be separated from Noering’s participation in two internal campus organizations, the Reasoning club and BSO MYMA (Airlangga Young Jurist Society). The two organizations have made her more aware of essay writing, especially essays on Law, to find solutions to existing problems.

The Faculty of Law (FH) UNAIR student said she came across the competition info on Instagram when she searched with hashtag #lawcompetition. Then after finding a suitable competition, she went through the registration process and sent her work.

“Previously, I was really interested and had participated in a competition on personal data protection topic, especially after searching for materials and researching more thoroughly, it turned out there were many problems I found,” she explained.

Noering said that in Indonesia, there is no legal protection for personal data. In addition, the lack of public awareness of personal data amid the massive development of technology also causes other problems.

“After knowing the problem, I tried to find a solution to overcome the related problem,” she continued.

One of the solutions offered by Noering is that the government must immediately ratify the Personal Data Protection Bill. The bill must be accompanied by material on the formation of a personal data supervisory authority.

However, it should not stop there; the next problem will arise regarding the supervisory authority process. After doing another research, Noering concluded that what is needed is an Independent Supervisory Authority that is not bound by public or private bodies.

“This independent supervisory authority for personal data is needed to monitor and provide legal sanctions to violators, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,” she concluded. (*)

Author:  Sandi Prabowo

Editor :  Binti Q Masruroh

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