Building awareness on sexual violence prevention and children emotional maturity with mini-movie

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Illustration of sexual violence against children. (Source: TirtoID)

Children are the next generation of the nation, they need to get good attention and education so their potential can be channeled and developed properly, so that they will grow and develop into humans with various abilities and skills that are beneficial in the future. Sexual violence against children increases from year to year. This increase occurs in many countries, including Indonesia.

Sexual violence against children is one of the world’s problems that affect mental, physical and psychological conditions such as depression, fear, shame, which can lead to victims’ suicide. The level of knowledge on prevention and emotional maturity in children needs to be improved. Lack of emotional maturity and lack of awareness on children abuse can make children be victims of sexual violence. Sexual violence experienced by boys and girls can cause some individual problems in the victims which can ultimately threaten their future. Sexual education and providing information about sexual violence issues can prevent the risk of sexual violence behavior.

Sexual education that is not done properly can affect the level of emotional maturity and knowledge of children in assessing deviant situations in the surrounding environments, as a result, children do not know how to deal with sexual violence behavior (Permatasari, E., 2017). The method of education through audio-visual media is a mass approach in the modern era that is appropriate for providing information and build awareness leading to changes in behavior.

A research was conducted using a Quasy Experimental design with two groups involving 85 students. The intervention was provided by conducting education on sexual violence prevention through mini-movie media for grade 4 elementary school children. The results showed that mini-movie media had a significant effect on the level of knowledge of sexual violence prevention (p = 0.000 and p = 0.025) and the level of emotional maturity (p. = 0.000 and p = 0.000).

The message conveyed in the mini-movie through audio and visual will have more appeal, so the stimulus will provide good knowledge to arouse children’s behavior and learn from other sources. Individuals who have received the stimulus will have awareness within themselves, so with their knowledge on child sexual violence prevention. 

Children will have awareness on the dangers and impacts of sexual violence crimes, children will have a good sense of the danger and good attitudes in making efforts to prevent sexual violence.

Mini-movie as media is a mass approach in the modern era that can provide accurate information and deliver health messages for children. Education through mini-movie can stimulate awareness of children and teachers as an effort to prevent sexual violence.

Author: Iqlima Dwi Kurnia

Details of this paper can be viewed in our article at:

 Padjajaran Nursing Journal  Vol 8, No 3 (2020).

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