Talking with UNAIR International Alumni at AEE 2021 Closing Ceremony

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From left to right, James Kalimanzila (Tanzania), Cicilia Deandra (MC), M. Saud (Pakistan), and Miguel Padilla (Mexico) in What They Say About UNAIR webinar (Photo: YouTube UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has long been known to have a broad international environment and community. It was conveyed directly by three UNAIR international alumni at What They Say About UNAIR webinar on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

They are James Kalimanzila from Tanzania, M. Saud from Pakistan, and Miguel Padilla from Mexico. In the 2021 Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) event, three of them shared their opinions and experiences while studying and teaching at UNAIR.

James, who is a postgraduate school student, revealed the quality of the teaching staff. While studying at UNAIR, the Developing Countries Partnership (KNB) scholarship recipients were taught by qualified lecturers with interactive and motivating teaching atmosphere.

“UNAIR has excellent facilities and academic environment. Starting from the online class platform, facilities, friendly students and lecturers. Everything is well-organized,” said James via teleconference streamed at YouTube UNAIR.

Another compliment also came from the Best Doctoral Graduate of Social Sciences FISIP M. Saud. Graduate. Receiving the Airlangga Development Scholarship (ADS), Saud felt that he made the right choice by becoming UNAIR student.

“Before I went to Indonesia, I had zero publications. Until I took the doctoral program, the lecturers were very active in encouraging students to carry out collaborative research, community service, and international conferences. As a result, now I have published nearly 50 research journals, “he explained.

Saud and James also praised the hospitality and service provided by UNAIR for international students. During their education in Indonesia, they have never experienced administrative or adaptation difficulties that are classic problems for international students.

The same thing was stated by Miguel who is a Lecturer at Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB). He shared how in the past he only intended to go to Indonesia to learn languages. But until now, Miguel has spent 11 years teaching and conducting research with UNAIR academics.

“Last year I visited several countries to carry out academic activities. And I see other universities have respect for UNAIR when they know the quantity and quality of our research results. Moreover, the improvement of UNAIR’s international ranking which improved significantly in just two years, “he said.

Miguel also emphasized the acceleration of UNAIR’s international activities, where now each department has its own programs, research, affiliations, and international activities. Therefore, Miguel, James, and Saud confidently invited the webinar participants not to hesitate to join Universitas Airlangga. (*)

Author: Intang Arifia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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