UNAIR Faculty of Vocational Studies ready to educate students to be skilled and reliable human resources

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Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Studies, Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma'aruf, drh., M.Kes during a sharing session at Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) 2021. (Photo: YouTube UNAIR)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Vocational Studies Universitas Airlangga (FV UNAIR) held an Info Session at the 2021 Airlangga Education Expo (AEE) on Friday, February 19, 2021. In the information sharing session, Dean of FV UNAIR Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’aruf, drh., M.Kes along with the Vice Deans and Coordinators of FV UNAIR Department also spoke in the session.

Prof. Dr. Anwar Ma’aruf, drh., M.Kes as Dean of FV UNAIR said that the Faculty of Vocational Studies is a faculty that educates human resources so they are ready to be skilled and reliable workers in their fields. UNAIR Faculty of Vocational Studies has 3 main departments, the Health Department, the Business Department and the Engineering Department.

“The Faculty of Vocational Studies is a miniature of UNAIR because in FV there are Departments of Health, Business and Engineering. FV students will later be able to use all existing facilities and infrastructure throughout UNAIR, “he said.

There are 9 programs in total in Health Department: D3 (Three-year diploma) Dental Engineering, D3 and D4 (Four-year diploma) Traditional Medicine, D3 Veterinary Paramedics, D3 Medical Laboratory Technology, D3 Occupational Safety and Health, D3 Nursing, D4 Physiotherapy and D4 Radiology Imaging Technology.

Prof. Anwar then explained about FV UNAIR Business Department which has 8 programs: D3 Accounting, D3 English, D3 Tourism Development, D3 Marketing Management, D3 Banking Management, D3 Hospitality Management, D3 Office Administration and D3 Taxation.

“If prospective students want to become office experts, become experts in accounting, taxation, hospitality and the most current trend is tourism, prospective students can join FV UNAIR Business Department,” he explained.

The last one, continued Prof. Anwar, is the Engineering Department of FV UNAIR. As a millennial generation, prospective students are very familiar with information systems and instrumentation system automation. In the Engineering Department, FV UNAIR, there are three programs: D3 Instrumentation System Automation, D3 Information Systems and D3 Library.

“We are ready to educate the millennial generation to become a reliable and skilled workforce in their fields,” he said.

Furthermore, Prof. Anwar explained the differences between the Faculty of Vocational Studies and other faculties in UNAIR. According to him, academic programs and professional programs usually learn more in theory and knowledge.

“Meanwhile, in the Vocational program, students will be educated to become someone who directly learns knowledge and applied in skills and applications. At the Faculty of Vocational Studies, students study 40 percent of in theories and 60 percent with practical curriculum, “he added.

The proportion of 60 percent practical skill makes it possible for students to do practical work in Faculty of Vocational Studies or cooperate with the business and the industrial world. Programs at FV UNAIR have established collaborations at national and international levels.

Dr. Tika Widiastuti, SE., M.Si, as Vice Dean 1 of FV UNAIR, revealed that Faculty of Vocational Studies  provides various spaces for students to develop soft skills. There are various organizations that students can contribute in, such as BEM, BLM, Student Association, Faculty Student Activity Unit and Student Assistance Team.

“UNAIR FV students have been educated not only in academics but also in skills so it is possible to win various competitions at national to international levels,” she concluded. (*)

Author:  Sandi Prabowo


Editor    :  Nuri Hermawan

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