Duphaston went viral in Tiktok, this is response of UNAIR Professor of Pharmacy

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Duphaston medicine. (Photo: By courtesy)
Duphaston medicine. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Recently, Tiktok users was surprised by a user who made a video about the Duphaston. In the video, several uses are mentioned, including for irregular menstruation, layer outside the uterus, painful menstruation, infertility, preventing miscarriage, and treating PMS (Premenstruation syndrome) symptoms. However, the video does not mention the content or even the side effects caused by the medicine.

The video received mixed responses from Tiktok users, some gave testimonials about the medicine. Some even asked where they could get the medicine.

In response to this issue, Professor of Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. Suharjono, MS., Apt., said that Duphaston should not be used carelessly. “This medicine is a progesterone analogue. Its usefulness is to strengthen the womb in the first trimester to avoid a miscarriage, ”he said.

“This medicine is a strong medicine. It cannot be used carelessly, must be prescribed by a doctor. Generally, those who prescribe it are obstetricians, “he added.

In an interview conducted by the UNAIR NEWS team on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, Prof. Suharjono advised pharmacists to educate the public properly. There are several things that pharmacists should tell the public, first, education about medicine safety.

“The education delivered, for example, side effects if any and how to avoid them. Then if there are side effects, it is advisable to report to the doctor who prescribed the prescription or the pharmacist on duty, “he said.

Professor of Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. Suharjono, MS., Apt. (Photo: By courtesy)

Second, education about the dosage of consumption. “Educate them on the dosage to be taken, the frequency, how to drink it before or after meal, the right time to take the medicine in the morning, evening, or night, how to take it, placed under the tongue, chew it, or eat it whole,” said Prof. Suharjono.

Third, the duration of medicine use. “Not all medicines are used continuously. There is a single dose, repeated several days to months and years for infectious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, non-infectious or degenerative diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, “he said.

“The public must be given education on how to store medicine and how to repeat getting them. If there is leftover medicine, don’t give it to other people easily, “added Prof. Suharjono.

Prof. Suharjono also advised the public to be careful in purchasing medicines. Remember, not all medicines can be bought and sold freely. “If you need medicine, you can come and meet the pharmacist on duty. But buy medicine according to the indications and safe ones, especially over-the-counter medicines, not strong medicines, ”he explained.

He also hoped that the public will not easily believe all the information provided through social media and be more careful. “The public must recognize who provided the information and their identity must be clear,” he concluded. (*)

Author: Icha Nur Imami Puspita

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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