Library services during Covid-19 pandemic

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Infographic: Feri Fenoria
Infographic: Feri Fenoria

Covid-19 pandemic has inspired various adjustments made by Universitas Airlangga in providing services. Online services is one of the solution.

How to borrow the books

1. Find the book

Library user can find the book they are going to borrow at

2. Borrow the book

Open (UNAIR email). Complete the form

3. Librarian prepare the book

Librarian check and prepare the book ls.

with applying health protocols.

4. Pick-up the book

– The book is picked up in accordance with the agreed time and place by showing Student ID card (notified by Whatsapp and email)

– If you fail to pick-up the book after 2 x 24 hours, librarian will cancel the book loan

5. Due date

Loan period of each item: 14 days. #learnfromhome

Renewing book loan

1. Download AILIS

Download AILIS for student at      

2. Renewals

User may renew the loan via application AILIS FOR STUDENT

3. Notification

Renewal notification will be sent to WhatsApp and email of user

4. Check the book status

Renewed book status will be shown. User can use the

book for longer period after renewal

5 Mind the due dates

Always remember and recheck the book loan renewal limit and return the book on time.

Author: Feri Fenoria

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