Effect of Body Mass Index before pregnancy on cases of pregnancy with obesity

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Illustration by Alodokter

Obesity is a condition that can endanger one’s health and is the fifth largest risk factor for death globally. The prevalence of obesity is also increasing every year in all populations, including the population of women at childbearing age. We all know that obesity in pregnancy is associated with several problems in pregnancy such as hypertension and diabetes.

In this regard, the research team from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga conducted research to see the effect of body mass index before pregnancy on obese pregnancies, because as we all know that conditions before pregnancy are conditions that can be adjusted to prevent several problems which may occur during pregnancy. The research has been published in the European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine .

The results showed 337 cases of pregnancy with obesity from 1144 deliveries (29%). There were 48% cases of obesity before pregnancy with 19.5% having severe obesity (morbidly obese). In this study, it was found that obesity before pregnancy was not associated with risk of SC childbirth, incidence of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and fetal macrosomy. Conversely, obesity condition before pregnancy is associated with higher body mass index and severe obesity at the time of delivery.

The findings in this research are important so that every patient who enters pregnancy period is in a safe and optimal condition. Although the condition of obesity before pregnancy was not associated with problems during pregnancy in this research, this condition increases the incidence of severe obesity. Obesity during pregnancy is important because of the morbidity that can result from this condition.

Author: Mangala Pasca Wardhana, Zulhijayanti, Noor Assyifa, Meilia Dwi Cahyani, Rizqy Rahmatyah

Details of the research can be viewed here: https://ejmcm.com/article_3798_b03bb8459d0872b1ddda4b6567f11b49.pdf 

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