Practicing vets are not just common practices

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Albiruni Haryo, drh., M.Sc, APVet. presentation via zoom. (Photo: Personal documentation.)

UNAIR NEWS – With the rapid development of technology and information, the veterinarian profession has received more attention from the public, especially veterinarians who work as practitioners. Nowadays, practicing veterinarians are required to compete by prioritizing superior and modern competences.

In this regard, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) PSDKU UNAIR in Banyuwangi held another national webinar themed “A New Era of Indonesian Veterinarian: Future Challenges and Opportunities”. On this occasion, Albiruni Haryo, drh., M.Sc, APVet., as the President Director of Satwa Sehat Indonesian (lit: Indonesian Healthy Animals) delivered a presentation entitled “Opportunities and Strategies for Veterinarians Working as Practitioners”.

In the beginning of presentation, Doctor Abiruni mentioned an inspiring quote to trigger enthusiasm of prospective veterinarian colleagues. According to him, many of us often want to be what other people expect us to be. In fact, he emphasized, most people often pursue something that is not yet certain in shape and direction, in order to prove their abilities. Moreover, people also often wish too much when they will, are, and almost reach the end of path to achievement.

“Becoming a practitioner is a lifelong learning process. Something that we imagine before or at the beginning of a career will be different from when we go through it, “said the FKH UNAIR alumnus class of 2009.

For example, he continued, being a surgical veterinarian is one part of a practicing veterinarian that is full of work complexity. Practicing veterinarians, he explained, must be able to provide standardized facilities, quality medicines and excellent service for patients and clients.

In veterinary legislation, he explained, the law stipulates that practitioners are differentiated into several groups, independent practice, clinics, special hospitals and teaching hospitals. Supporting components such as a strong team also deserve to be taken into account to carry out the profession as a practicing veterinarian.

“All things including components and services will have an impact back on the veterinarian profession,” said the lecturer of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine UB.

There are several strategies, he elaborated, to become a practicing veterinarians who can compete in the present era. First, see and ensure the values ​​and abilities that are possessed by self, along with strengths and weaknesses. Second, instilling targets, going through, experiencing, enjoying and evaluating as well as keeping up with the process. Third, upgrade from all aspects, and complain less.

“Prospective veterinarians are expected to find existing opportunities by prioritizing critical thinking and being consistent in their career, because we must know what kind of innovation in the future this profession should be. Besides, work ethics and morals must also be upheld. ” he concluded.

Author: Muhammad Suryadiningrat

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