Only in three months, JIPK becomes the first Scopus Indexed UNAIR Journal

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UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences’ journal, Journal of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (JIPK) has been indexed by Scopus. It is an exciting news as JIPK becomes the first UNAIR journal indexed by Scopus.

Prof. Dr. Sri Subekti drh., DEA., as the editor in chief, expressed her gratitude for the achievement of JIPK.

“Cooperation is really necessary, to encourage each other, so there are always efforts to improve, and JIPK always tries to give the best,” she said.

Prof. Sri said that JIPK’s achievement has come from a difficult struggle, especially when JIPK is the youngest journal in UNAIR which has been available since 2009, JIPK has been indexed nationally by SINTA 2 and other journal indexing such as DOAJ, Advanced Science Index (ASI), Google Scholar, Dimensions, Crossref, WorldCat, BASE, and many more.

When Prof. Sri attended activities with researchers, she always showed persistence and unyielding attitude to introduce JIPK to national and international researchers.

“I gradually contact everyone, some accepted and some didn’t. However, it will maintain our future relationships, “said Prof. Sri.

JIPK was indexed by Scopus within 3 months and  on Monday, December 7, 2020 after getting the achievement, JIPK which had been indexed by SINTA 2 improved its position to SINTA 1 the next day, Tuesday, December 8, 2020. In 2020, JIPK consists of 56 authors from 37 institutions from 5 countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, China and New Zealand.

Rozi, S.Pi., M.Biotech, Editorial Manager, said that the JIPK indexation in Scopus was fairly quick. Completeness of journals, citations between journals that are linked online, completeness of website content and diversity of authors and editors are all taken into account in the preparation of Scopus indexation.

“To prepare for the JIPK Scopus indexation , we had benchmarking activities to more than 50 Scopus indexed journals . It takes persistence and patience in making these preparations, “said Rozi.

Meanwhile, UNAIR Secretary of LIPJPHKI (Institute for Innovation, Journal Development, Publishing and Intellectual Property Rights) Ferry Efendi S.Kep.Ns., M.Sc., PhD revealed that JIPK indexed by Scopus is the opening gate for journals at UNAIR to boost reputation in international journal arena, especially driven by international indexes.

“JIPK is very lucky, it has been indexed by Scopus,” said Ferry.

Journals at UNAIR have certain targets, LIPJPHKI provides intensive assistance by forming a special team that functions to help the Journal team achieve these targets.

The special team was formed to ensure that the journal that will conduct the assessment reaches the minimum level for each indicator. Furthermore, LIPJPHKI will cooperate with Elsevier in terms of increasing the capacity of journal managers and providing journal budget management incentives if the target is achieved.

“That way they can show the highest performances are given appreciation by the university so the quality can be better and better,” explained Ferry when contacted by UNAIR NEWS on Friday, December 19, 2020.

“It is quite strategic and innovative in helping UNAIR journals to do indexation,” Ferry continued.

In the future LIPJPHKI will cooperate with Elsevier in terms of increasing the capacity of journal managers. Thus, there will be many workshops from Elsevier with UNAIR next year. (*)

Author: Dimar Herfano

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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