UNAIR Choipan team wins silver medal at 2020 KMI Expo

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CHOIPAN, a food product has made UNAIR team to win a silver medal. (Photo: By courtesy)
CHOIPAN, a food product has made UNAIR team to win a silver medal. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – One of Universitas Airlangga teams won a silver medal in the 2020 Indonesian Student Entrepreneurship (KMI), an annual event held by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Choipan team is supervised by Dr. Tri Siwi Agustina SE, M.Si.

Choipan team leader Amedea Cristabel L said that the stages of obtaining the silver medal were quite long. After passing the preliminary, her team worked on a script to be delivered in the workshop.

“This workshop is like the usual exhibition. The difference is, it was held virtually via the Hopin website because of the pandemic, “she said.

“Previously, the teams were selected from a 45 second video they made. It contains an explanation of what workshop the team wants to present, ” she added.

The theme ‘how to bring authenticity in expanding your business’ was finally chosen by Dea and the team. The Choipan team tried to revisit Choipan’s struggle when it first entered the Surabaya market.

“From there we want to give tips and tricks to audiences who have the same difficulties, especially in entering the market,” said the Accounting student from class of 2018.

Added value delivered the victory to Dea and three of her colleagues, Dian Pramitha Utami, Aulia Dwi Ramadhanti, and Vio Nanda Kartika. What is far more important is the introduction and preservation of authentic West Kalimantan food to Surabaya.

Choipan, Dea said, in Java, it was only found in Jakarta. Therefore, with her team, she wanted to present Choipan topublic and make Choipan popular .

“Those who are experts in Choipan cooking are still rare. There are some but they are already elderly people, ” she said.

“It is too bad if a legendary food like Choipan extincts. No one preserved it, “added Dea.

Choipan team (From the top left corner: Dea, Dian, Vio, and Aulia) during a virtual presentation at 2020 KMI EXPO. (Photo: Choipan Team)

After the Expo, the team plans to expand Choipan in the form of shops and outlets in 2021. The team builds a small shop at its business location, on Jalan Citra Seruni No 81 Sidoarjo. That way, customers can dine-in (eat on the spot). Furthermore, her team will set up an outlet in a mall in Surabaya.

To UNAIR students who want to start a business, Dea advised not to be afraid to start. Surely on the way, we will meet people who support us. Especially if you are still studying at UNAIR, she continued, there are many facilities that support the business we have. One of the supports can be from consulting with lecturers and UNAIR DPKKA.

“It’s a waste if we didn’t use the facility now. Because, later when we graduate we will have provisions and will still be supported by UNAIR, ” she concluded. (*)

Author: Dimar Herfano

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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