The effect of employee involvement on job satisfaction

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Employees are also required to produce a high level of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is known to be obtained when employees are involved in making decisions and company policies. Besides, it is known that a high level of work involvement can shape performance, it can increase the quality and quantity of work results, and it can lead to job satisfaction for employees. Work involvement in an employee of PT. Exelcomindo Pratama concerns matters relating to the nature of the tasks they carry out, the relationship between employees and their workgroups, and the decision-making process, which is identified as task interdependence, group support, and participation in decision making.

According to Scott et al., (2003), employee job involvement is related to the nature of the work performed by employees, employee relationships with workgroups, and the decision-making process. These factors are identified by Scott et al., (2003) as task interdependence, group support, and participation in decision-making.

According to the role theory from Griffin cited by Bouwmans et al., (2017), it is stated that increasing task interdependence will be related to individual circumstances when they feel part of a team. They will act in a way that supports their team, by carrying out activities that can increase the team’s performance and can simultaneously increase employee job satisfaction because it can affect a person’s behaviour in working properly.

Pohl & Galletta (2017) also stated that group support could positively influence the relationship between job satisfaction and job involvement above and beyond individual perceptions of emotional supervisor support (at the personal level). Therefore, it is suggested that the relationship between job involvement and job satisfaction will be stronger in the context of higher levels of emotional supervisor support due to increased resource availability and with increased socio-emotional support.

The most significant advantage of participation in decision-making in groups is it control many problems regarding diversity in workgroups, and it can be emphasized that the variety of tasks and work efforts can influence employees to participate in the decision-making process. Participation in decision-making has a significant positive impact on job satisfaction (Shahzad et al., 2018).

Research by Fernández-Salinero et al., (2020) states that job involvement positively affects job satisfaction. With this statement, it will be necessary to be able to explore the interaction between job involvement and its effect on job satisfaction. Besides, it is known that task interdependence, group support, and participation in decision-making are factors that influence work involvement.

Research has been conducted at PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk. and found that Job Involvement (Group Support, Participation In Decision-Making, Task Interdependence) has a significant effect on job satisfaction of employees in the operations and maintenance of PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk. Thus, employees of the operation and supervision of PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk must be involved in their work, and it will also make them interested in conditions of good group support, participation in decision-making, task interdependence. Furthermore, it is known in the results of the analysis that the involvement in decision-making variable is the most dominant variable in influencing job satisfaction. It is known through the highest original sample value, which has a direct effect on job satisfaction, which is obtained 0.479 by the participation in decision-making variable. In Ding & Shen’s research (2017) shows that participation in decision-making is generally positively related to job satisfaction.

The results of this study can be used as a recommendation by the company’s management in increasing job satisfaction through the involvement of employees in working at PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk. Operations and maintenance employees need the support of their workgroups in carrying out their job duties. Moreover, coordination must always be done, and active employee participation is required in solving work problems. If employee involvement can be involved in their work, then job satisfaction will increase. Involvement in decision-making has a dominant effect on job satisfaction of employees of PT. Excelcomindo Pratama Tbk. It is supported by a review of the research results that the active participation of employees is needed in operation and maintenance work because solutions to work problems can be resolved quickly, especially if there are technical problems in the field, which require quick handling.

Author: Prof. Dr. Anis Eliyana, SE, M.Si.

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(The Effect of Employee Involvement on Job Satisfaction)

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