HIMAFIS UNAIR Held National Webinar Online

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Illustration of 2020 National Physiotherapy webinar. (Photo: courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – National Physiotherapy Webinar was held on Sunday, September 27 and Physiotherapy Student Association (HIMAFIS) Universitas Airlangga held a series of webinars entitled ‘The Comprehensive Approach to Cerebral Palsy’.

Dean of Faculty of Vocational Studies (FV) UNAIR Prof. Dr. H. Widi Hidayat, SE., MSi., Ak., CMA., CA conveyed the importance of participating in this national webinar is to increase knowledge. “The seminar which has been held for ten years offline this time must be done online. He hopes that the entire committee must maintain their enthusiasm “he said.


Furthermore, FV UNAIR Physiotherapy Lecturer Dr. Ratna Darjanti Haryadi, dr., SpKFR (K) shared knowledge about Pathophysiology Diagnosis and Medical Examination in Child Cerebral Palsy Cases. Various mechanisms that cause brain damage that results in CP (Cerebral Palsy) include prematurity, radiation, genetic disorders, metabolic disorders, bleeding, infection, and trauma (during birth or after delivery).

In its explanation, CP requires medical and functional diagnosis, and multiple pathophysiologies are often found in one individual, Medical Examination for CP and Complementary Disorders to establish a list of problems, goals and multidisciplinary interventions. Physiotherapy has a significant role in the management of motoric disorders and functional mobility of children with CP.

During the second material, HIMAFIS UNAIR invited Yulia Trisnawati, SST Ft as a Physiotherapy Lecturer who worked at Dr. Soetomo, Surabaya. Physiotherapy lecturer, who graduated from UNAIR highlighted the aspects of Physiotherapy Approach with Motor Development and Primitive Reflexes in CP.

He explained the primitive reflex is very influential on the survival of children as they get older, from the way of thinking and also physical activity. Parents need to check their children, especially for reflexes that do not appear in the child at a certain age. It can be harmful for the children.

During the third material, HIMAFIS UNAIR invited Ahmad Syakib, SKM, S.Ft., M.KM as Founder of Keanna Center Child Development Clinic, Cilandak Jakarta as well as Head of PFAI (Indonesian Child Physiotherapy Association). They were sharing knowledge about Early Detection and Early Stimulation in Child Development with Cerebral Palsy.

Early detection is essential for a physiotherapist to know factors that cause CP. For the treatment itself, he recommends that physiotherapists train it wholeheartedly and also the help of parents is very influential on the child’s psychology.

After the material, the webinar was continued with a discussion session between the speakers and participants. The webinar which was attended by more than 200 participants received good responses from both participants and speakers.

Author: Zulio

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