Students distribute masks to 6 cities in East Java

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UNAIR NEWS – Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the spirit of sharing continues to grow. One of the examples come from D3 Medical Laboratory Engineering (TLM) students, Faculty Vocational Studies (FV) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR), on Thursday, August 20.

Together with village officials and the local Village Guidance Officer (BABINSA), Medical Laboratory Technology Student Association (Himanis) held community service. The assistance activity was in the form of staple foods or known as sembako and masks.

“This activity is one of our real actions to help underprivileged people affected by Covid-19,” said Ailiu Oktaviana Sumarno as the chief executive to UNAIR NEWS.

Besides, students also provide information to the public through brochures. Thus, people are aware of the importance of obeying the rules during the current new normal phase. Moreover, this social service activity was carried out simultaneously by Himanis student representatives in six villages, five different cities in East Java. Among them are Wates Village, Tanjunganom District, Nganjuk; Bantengan Village, Wungu District, Madiun; and Gajah Village, Kanigoro District, Blitar. Besides that, Tangunan Village, Puri District, Mojokerto; Mangli Village, Kaliwates District, Jember; and Dusun Bendungan, Tanjunganom District, Nganjuk.

“We will prioritize remote areas in East Java,” said Ailiu.

Besides that, there are several donations from several parties as well. It is known that as much as 25 percent of the total funds collected from the donation.

“The role of the donation fund has a huge impact. This is also proof that there are people who care about others during the pandemic, “said the 2018 class student.

Apart from being a realization in Tri Dharma of Higher Education value, he revealed that the activity was also a moment to contribute to the community. The event aims to increase awareness of public health and welfare.

“With the lack of public knowledge about Covid-19, we want to educate the community, “said Ailiu.

Furthermore, the community service is in the form of ‘Medical Analyst Entering Village to be Clean and Health’ (Mesentrical). He conveyed that the action received many positive responses from residents. Previously, Himanis routinely conducted free health checks and distributed staple food items as an annual schedule. Not only that, the organization also carried out socialization on healthy living and voluntary work to clean up villages and tourist attractions in Claket Mojokerto, last year.

“We certainly hope that this pandemic will end soon. Hopefully, the community implements the health protocols, “Ailiu said. (*) Author: Erika Eight Novanty Editor: Feri Fenoria

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