Miratul Khasanah, UNAIR expert focuses on uric acid

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Illustration by: Feri Fenoria
Illustration by: Feri Fenoria

“Analytical Chemistry is the basis for numerous developments in chemistry. Therefore, do not stop to examine it in order to develop methods for community benefits.”

UNAIR NEWS – Working with a passion generally results in a satisfying outcome. This is especially true for Miratul Khasanah. Since high school, she has liked natural science lessons, especially chemistry. This is the main reason why she chose chemistry as her major in undergraduate program at Universitas Airlangga.

As she began teaching at her alma mater in the Department of Chemistry in 1992, she started conducting several studies related to analytical chemistry. Then, she continued to take her master’s study at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, in 1994. While working on her thesis, she had the opportunity for PT. Freeport Papua research. It was about developing research methods for heavy metals. Afterward, she continued her doctoral program in 2008 at the same university.

It can be implied that she is actively researching from year to year. After examining the analytic development in heavy metal, she explored research on the development of chemical compounds in the human body in 2005. Nowadays, she focuses on investigating uric acid. She has conducted a lot of researches on uric acid detection methods. Some of her researches are “Sensor Berbasis Deteksi Sensitif Asam Urat secara Voltametri Stripping Menggunakan HMDE” in 2005, “Pengembangan Sensor Selektif Asam Urat Berbasis Imprinting Polymer” in 2010, “Sensor Berbasis Imprinting Zeolite untuk Deteksi Sensitif dan Selektif Asam Urat dalam Serum” in 2012,” Sensor Potensiometrik Berbasis Imprinting Polymer untuk Deteksi asam urat dan Serum” in 2014, and “Deteksi Dini Asam Urat dalam Serum menggunakan Sensor Pasta Karbon Nanopori Berbasis Imprinting Zeolit” in 2015.

Mira frequently pours her thoughts into several scientific journals, both published nationally and internationally. Some of them are “Development of Uric Acid Sensor Based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymethacrylic Acid-Modified Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode” published in the Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 2012 and “The Application of Hollow Fiber – Liquid Phase microextraction based on Green Chemistry to Analyze carcinogenic Nitrosamines in Food Samples” in the Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research in 2014. (*)

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