Aucky Hinting, Andrology specialist from Surabaya

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria

“Andrology is a rare, a relatively new and small science, but very deep because it deals with the process of sperm formation, fertilization, cell division until the implantation of the fertilized egg.”

Aucky Hinting claimed to be interested in pursuing this field (Andrology) because there are not a lot of people interested in studying it. He is also keen to learn more about this field for the sake of science. Moreover, it explains how sperm can fertilize the egg. This study, therefore, is very challenging; it must be done in the laboratory with great diligence, with a level of accuracy, foresight, and high precision timing, until the sperm can fertilize the egg to achieve pregnancy. Therefore, the alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine, UNAIR in 1979, is very grateful to be able to pursue the field of science that brings joy to people’s lives.

Because, when thousands of people experiencing infertility, namely the failure of the couple to achieve pregnancy after having sex for a year, will get the most benefit from the process in this science to achieve a pregnancy, then gave birth to offspring, that will then bring joy to family’s lives. Moreover, science is now developing very deep, thus providing the flexibility to innovate and excel in promoting human dignity, that of infertile couples who are eager to have offspring that will bring joy to the whole family.

Aucky Hinting

The installation artist and painter who has had three solo exhibitions and five joint exhibitions under his belt, has been carrying out over 10,000 IVF. The success of pregnancy was also increased to 49% in a relatively not too old couple (younger than 38 years). Older couples can also successfully achieve pregnancy, but the percentage is lower. At the same time, the youngest infertile patients who consult were 21 years of age or after one year of marriage but have not resulted in pregnancies and offspring.

As a speaker, he participated in five prestigious events, among other things (1) WHO Reproductive Infertility Task Force Steering Committee years 1991-2003. (2) LIPI Integrated Research Panel of Science and Technology / Menristek 1995. (3) IPTEKDOK Development Research and Development Panel in 1997. (4) Side migration technique: A reliable method for the preparation of sperm in ICSI. (Lunardhi H., and A. Hinting). Proceedings of the 11th World Congress on IVF and Human Repro. Genetics. 1989. (5) Conventional treatment of male infertility in the era of ART (Aucky Hinting). The scientific program for the 6th World Congress on mild approaches in assisted reproduction March 22-24, Nanjing, China, 2013. (*)

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