Psychology expert and Head of PPMB UNAIR give tips on choosing majors at UNAIR

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UNAIR Rector (left) with MGBK Chairman Dr. Didiek Budihardjo, MM, M.Pd, UNAIR Psychology Expert Dr. Dewi Retno Suminar, M.Si., Psychologist and Head of UNAIR Student Admission Center Achmad Solihin SE., M.Si. during Open Talk Tips for Choosing Programs at UNAIR (7/29/2020). (Photo: Sandi Prabowo)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) as one of the best higher education institutions in Indonesia, held an Open Talk on Tips for Choosing Programs on Wednesday, July 29, 2020. The Open Talk, held online, was attended by Guidance and Counseling (BK) teachers, prospective students and parents from various regions in Indonesia.

Dr. Didiek Budihardjo, M.M, M.Pd as the Chairman of the East Java Guidance and Counseling Teachers’ Consultative Council (MGBK) expressed his gratitude to UNAIR Rector for giving the opportunity to Indonesian BK teachers to join the talk show. Dr. Didiek hoped that BK teachers could disseminate the information obtained to their students.

“We believe that with this talkshow there are many new things that we can learn so that we can provide correct information to our children,” he said.

Meanwhile, UNAIR Psychologist, Dr. Dewi Retno Suminar, M.Si., Psychologist shared tips on choosing a major from psychological standpoint. According to her there are three main points that must be considered so that prospective new students can be successful in college. The program they choose must be in accordance with interests, talents, and they must be persistent but with flexible personality.

“If we look at it according to our interests, we can see from the subjects we like and spend a lot of time. What causes curiosity in students, ” she explained.

From the second point, according to talent, it can be done by looking at school subjects, as an initial sign to see our talents. Talent is also seen from the strength of the self such as memory, analysis, and others aspects.

“We must focus on our strengths so that we can advance. If we only see weaknesses, we will stay stationary, ” she said.

Then the third point, persistence and personal flexibility, according to Dr. Dewi, this third point can be improved by starting love on seeing positive things and looking for information learned in the intended program. By thinking positively and always seeing things positively, Dr. Dewi is sure that prospective new students will be successful to study at UNAIR.

Furthermore, Achmad Solihin SE., M.Si. as Head of UNAIR Student Admission Center (PPMB), said that in choosing majors, the talents and passion of students should be considered. Students as prospective new students must pay more attention to their talents and interests, then fight for the appropriate majors.

Solihin explained that there were 3 pathways for UNAIR students, SNMPTN, SBMPTN and Independent admission. For this year there has been a slight change in independent admission. According to him, UNAIR independent admission was divided into 2, Regular and Partnership.

“Through this partnership, we open up opportunities for institutions, companies and institutions to jointly held with the education of nation’s children,” he said.

The Independent Partnership admission uses UTBK scores and has a recommendation letter from partners who will partner with UNAIR. As for Regular pathway, only use online tests as usual.

UNAIR also has international class program. There are 9 international degree programs. They are Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Law, Accounting, Management, Islamic Economics and Psychology.

“UNAIR really concerns with quality, so the determining factor in accepting student is purely from the test results. It must be well understood, “he concluded. (*)

Author:  Sandi Prabowo

Editor:  Khefti Al Mawalia

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