The development of tourism in Berawa Badung beach Bali

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Illustration by Bali Gateway

The tourism sector in the Badung Regency is the most popular sector and contributes to the largest Gross Regional Domestic Product (PDRB) of Badung regency every year. The development of the tourism sector in Badung is influenced by the existence of Ngurah Rai Airport in Tuban, Kuta. According to the regulation of Badung Regent No. 7 year 2005 about tourist attraction mentioned that 33 tourist attractions there. Most of them are coastal tourism, mangrove garden, and turtle conservation. Cultural tourism in the form of temples and youth tours in the form of Monument GWK and Water Boom Park recreation Places & Spa ‘. As for one of the objects listed in the decision is Berawa Tibubeneng Beach with nature tourism category.

The development of Berawa Beach as a tourist attraction was the idea from Head of Tibubeneng village at the time. The Head of Village held discussions with several parties, such as Regional Representative Council (DPD), Community Empowerment Institute (LPM), and Youth Organization (Karang Taruna), along with Tibubeneng village residents. They also involve the indigenous community heads of Padonan, Tandeg, Pure Dalem. Besides, Berawa Beach as a tourist attraction also involves the government of Badung Regency and stakeholders. Hotel Legong Keraton investor represented the stakeholders. It was one of the first private companies that supported the establishment of Berawa beach tourism in Tibubeneng village.

Under the agreement results of all parties, there must be a parking ticket charged for tourists visiting Berawa Beach. LPM of Tibubeneng village selected Pecalang and civilian defense units (Hansip) in Tibubeneng village as a parking attendant. This parking ticket will be used as a maintenance cost of coastal hygiene and religious ceremonies in Pura Dalem.

Each year has an increase in the number of visits due to the number of supporting facilities around Berawa beach, especially since several entertainment venues such as Hotel Lv 8 in 2013, Canggu Beach Club, and Finns Beach Club opened in 2016. The number of hotels, villas, guest houses, and homestays in Tibubeneng village was 233 in 2019.

The development of Berawa Beach tourism from the beginning of its development, the theoretical study that Butler proposed the Tourism Area Life Cycle, is essential and needed. According to Butler, a tourist area will surely experience a four-part life cycle such as Discovery, Local Control, Institutionalism and Stagnation, Rejuvenation, or Decline. Based on the indicators in the table above, the tourism position of Berawa village Tibubeneng is in the developing position. The indicators are as follows:

First, foreign investment has entered. At this stage, many foreign investors began to enter the development of Berawa Beach tourist attraction in Tibubeneng village. One of them is the presence of Canggu Club with international standard facilities provided for foreign and domestic tourists. Canggu Club’s presence as a tourist attraction around Berawa Beach increases the number of foreign tourists visit.

Secondly, the start area is physically open. At this stage, the local community and environment are increasingly physically exposed. The number of tourism facility compared to other facilities that are not related to the tourist sector. In such conditions, the community in the village of Tibubebeng that initially active in the agriculture sector switched to the industrial sector and tourism services. In some places, local community business is emerging in the food provision and consumption of tourists.

Thirdly, local facilities have begun to be entered into or replaced with international facilities. At this stage, various imported goods and services became mandatory, including foreign workers, to support the rapid development of tourism. One of the evidence that tourism in Berawa Beach is already in this phase is the public facilities that are locally-based and are widely replaced with international facilities, including schools or international institutions, as well as international-made attractions such as Canggu Club, Finns Beach Club and Sports Centre.

Fourth, local attractions and marketing systems began to be developed as international models. In this phase, tourism organizations begin to build strong relationships with local and central governments in promoting objects. Thus, foreign investors are interested in choosing an investment destination. At this stage, many attractions in the Berawa Beach Region are created with the perspective of international needs such as Surfing, Horse Riding, Water Boom, Berawa Beach Festival, Barong Dance, Manggala Music Festival and Culinary Festival.

Author: Nuruddin


Tourism Development in The Berawa Beach in TheVillage of Tibubeneng Badung Bali Indonesia

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