Ranked #521-530, UNAIR takes the biggest leap in Indonesia

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Illustration by Alifian Sukmaa

UNAIR NEWS – Amid the pandemic affecting the world, there is good news coming from Universitas Airlangga. As one of the state universities (PTN) mandated to reach Top 500 universities, UNAIR has successfully improved its QS World University Ranking (QS WUR) significantly. QS WUR is a ranking agency used as an official performance indicator of Indonesia’s higher education institutions from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (2015-2019) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (2020-2024).

For this achievement, UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih expressed his gratitude to all those who have made contributions to realize UNAIR’s target to be among world’s best universities. According to him, the leap and achievement are from hard, smart, and sincere works of all UNAIR community members.

“We hope this extraordinary achievement can improve self-confidence to all elements of the community and also raise the spirit to be better in the future, “said Prof. Nasih.

From the rank #651-700 world’s top universities, UNAIR’s rank took a leap to #521-530 in QS WUR 2021. In this regard, the Head of UNAIR Development and Planning Board (BPP) Prof. Badri Munir Sukoco, Ph.D., said that according to the target set by the government through the QS WUR ranking, UNAIR has improved its rank significantly.

He also explained that the achievement was summed up from various ranking criteria measured by the ranking agency based in the UK. In the field of Academic Reputation, from rank #401 last year rose to #350 globally and in the field of Employer Reputation from #393 last year rose to #272.

“From the improved of Academic Reputation indicator, it can be seen that the UNAIR academics are getting more attention in the world, while the improved Employer Reputation indicator shows that UNAIR graduates are needed and have very great value for the companies and their user partners, “said Prof. Badri.

The youngest UNAIR professor also explained that both Academic Reputation and Employer Reputation indicators have reflected 50% of the assessment indicators determined by QS WUR. Furthermore, he continued, improvements were also from the other two indicators. The Faculty Student Ratio, ranked #458 last year rose to #403 and International Faculty indicator also rose to #554 from #601+ globally.

“Meanwhile, there are two areas of indicators that really need more efforts so in the future they can improve and boost UNAIR’s ranking in the world. They are Citation per Faculty and International Students indicators, “he explained.

From all the indicators’ improvement, continued Prof. Badri was indeed very proud of the achievement as a result of excellent synergy between all elements in UNAIR. He hoped, with the improvement of UNAIR’s rank and position in the world, the role of UNAIR will be even greater in providing wider benefits for the entire community.

“Regarding future targets, UNAIR has mapped out some strategies and ways to keep being part of the world’s top universities. We hope next year UNAIR can reach the Top 400 of the world’s universities, “he stated.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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