The importance of maintaining mental health to face the new normal

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ILLUSTRATION of someone being under pressure. (Photo:
ILLUSTRATION of someone being under pressure. (Photo:

UNAIR NEWS – Society is hit by Covid-19 pandemic. Although a lot of fake news spreading among the people, but this pandemic is happening and should not be underestimated. In the near future the government will implement a new normal era, where people are demanded to coexist with Covid-19. Anxiety and fear certainly are there in the community. Moreover, the number of positive patients is increasing day by day.

The new normal era must be faced with an excellent mental health in order to adapt well. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) the mental is the main source of energy and enthusiasm, is in the body and causes a person to live.

Prof. Dr. Ah. Yusuf, S.Kp., M.Kes. Vice Dean III of Faculty of Nursing (FKp) on a web seminar (Webinar) held by UNAIR Faculty of Nursing (FKp) on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 said that although the Covid – 19 pandemic hit the world, people must keep on moving forward. “We have to stay alive even though the Covid – 19 pandemic is hitting hard,” he said.

Building the concept of life is the most important thing in mental health. Community behavior is a manifestation of the mental condition of the community itself. Community behavior is influenced by what is thought and felt.

Prof. Yusuf explained that the current pandemic is a very comprehensive stressor. “The transmission of virus is massive, comprehensive, progressive, deadly, simultaneous from country to country. This is what causes this virus (Covid-19, ed) to become a comprehensive stressor covering all areas of life, “he explained.

Prof. Dr. Ah. Yusuf, S.Kp., M.Kes. Vice Dean III of Faculty of NursingUNAIR

Adaptive community is a community with good mental health. Even though the stressors are great, they can adapt well. It is influenced by the community’s assessment of the stressor itself. This assessment will influence the actions and behavior of the community.

Gratitude, patience and sincerity are important components in creating good mental health. Always being grateful, patient and sincere will make it easier for people to adapt in the new normal era. Being grateful means realizing all possession is God’s gift, therefore the community will no longer feel anxious.

While patience means having big heart, not easily angry, steadfast, calm in dealing with problems. This is why during Covid-19 pandemic, or even during the implementation of new normal era, information must be filtered. “Right now we really have to filter information. Filter what we share, and share what we have filtered so that there will be no fake news, “said Prof. Yusuf.

While sincerity is a skill to surrender, surrender all thoughts and feelings to God. The way reflecting a sincere feeling is to obey all the recommendations given by the government.

“This is what makes us obey all the government’s recommendations (sincerity, ed). Don’t be angry, be patient first. If we fight it, there will be problems. Sincerity will make someone obedient, “he explained.

Prof. Yusuf emphasized the community to follow the direction of the government. Because whatever will happen later, life must go on.

“Just follow the directions given by the government. Whatever happens life must go on, “he concluded. (*)

Author: Icha Nur Imami Puspita

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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