Two months of working from home, UNAIR psychology expert: everyone should change and adapt to new things

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Dr. HamidahDr. Hamidah, M.Si., lecturer in the Faculty of psychology at Universitas Airlangga., M.Si., Psikolog dosen Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Airlangga. (Dok. Pribadi)

UNAIR NEWS – Work from Home (WFH) has been implemented for almost two months by Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) and the public community. Various parties receive different experiences and challenges of WFH.

Unlike students who get assignments at the same time, some lecturers also have their challenges, according to Dr. Hamidah, M.Si. Psikolog.

Not giving up to utilize Technology

Hamidah explained that WFH is not the usual thing, and it needs adjustments to run the work from home, especially in using information technology. The demands for skilled use of information technology made Hamidah learn and recognize new features, links type, and various other things related to technology that can help to implement and accomplish tasks.

In addition to the challenges, Hamidah was grateful that working from home allowed her to learn like a millenials. Although at first, she was struggling to learn new things, time-consuming, and affect eyes and physical health, working from home is quite enjoyable.

“During work from home routine, you must regulate various dimensions of yourself. Including patience and emotion, “he said.

The essential thing in facing challenges in adapting to the current technology is preparing mentally and not giving up to learn new things to sort of all the work.

Revolutionary change for everyone

Working from home reminded Hamidah that humans do have to change, whatever the reason. A pandemic situation that is forcing everyone to change and become fast, neat, and structured.

Some of the changes are initially conventional change of mind to be innovative due to the demands of circumstances are divergent to convergent, large entrepreneurs to develop micro-enterprises. Besides that, there are various new business opportunity that people never expect before the pandemic. All of us are required to change and adapt.

“Life must go on,” she continued.

Each individual can take the wisdom out of their experience. For Hamidah, a valuable lesson that can be taken from the current condition is to learn, develop, and appreciate new things.

She explained that working from home during this pandemic is more relaxing than usual. Although the work schedules are full, she is not depressed by the social environment that has a bad influence (toxic), either directly or indirectly.

Any information that spread in society using technology runs according to the user’s will. Working from home gives full authority on each individual’s intention to choose and use that technology for what. However, all the options have consequences.

“Let’s think and prepare for each one of our needs. Ask a professional if you need help, and don’t forget to keep your mental, physical, and happy health, “she concluded. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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