Six steps to maintain medical workers’ psychological health amid pandemic

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Illustration by MSU Today
Illustration by MSU Today

UNAIR NEWS – During this pandemic, health workers are at the forefront of efforts to tackle national disaster. Many of them are willing to leave the family, put their life on the line of service. It makes them vulnerable to the effects of Covid-19, not only in physical terms, but also mentally and psychologically.

“The potential stress on medical workers is very high. They are under pressure from all sides, physically, socially, psychologically. All related to abnormal conditions during this pandemic, “said Dr. Hamidah, M.Si., Psychologist as a lecturer in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Hamidah who is also a member of the East Java Covid-19 task force considers that health workers face a variety of stressors, both internal and external stressors. Some of the main stressors triggering the decline in psychological health of health workers are stressful work conditions, being far from family, various circulating news, and social conditions of the community.

Clinical Psychology lecturer of UNAIR, Dr. Hamidah, M.Si., Psychologist. (Photo: By courtesy)

Therefore, Dr. Hamidah shared six steps on how to maintain psychological health and mental health:

  1. 1. Positive thinking

Positive but proportional thinking is the key to psychological management for health workers in this pandemic. Although every day the number of patients keeps increasing, try to always think optimistically and manage emotions wisely. Also, in order to obtain inner peace, medical workers should always pray and submit everything to the Almighty God and continue to communicate virtually with family.

2. Take a break

“On duty, all medical personnel should take some time to rest, lean back, cool down, close eyes for a while. Don’t ignore body complaints, soul complaints, ” she said. In a pandemic situation, constant demands of work and patients is certainly draining the energy and resting time of medical workers. Therefore, whenever there is spare time, medical workers are encouraged to rest.

3. Positive literacy

There is so much bad news and hoaxes are triggers medical workers to feel stressed. They should be able to react wisely and prioritize logic. Avoid fake news and read more positive things.

44. Build a supportive work environment

Maintaining psychological and emotional health with friends in the work environment is one of the recommended ways.

“Making jokes, staying refreshed is important. Mutually support each other. A supportive work atmosphere will reduce work pressure and anxiety. ” said Dr. Hamidah.

5. Contact a psychologist / counseling center if you need help

Dr. Hamidah with the East Java Clinical Psychology Service Unit in the past few months has been engaged in providing free counseling services to the community. For those who experience stress and psychological distress, you can also call the 119 hotline, the hospital counseling center, or some psychologists who provide free counseling.

“Meeting a psychologist and pouring out all fatigue and stress can be very helpful. It can also be done with fellow colleagues. Sharing stories can be the first step in managing stress and avoiding trauma. ” said Dr. Hamidah.

For the community, obey health protocols

“We, people, must obey the medical workers, they are tired, desperately taking care of us, disobeying their regulation will trigger stress emotionally, “she said.

Public disobedience and the development of a negative stigma against health workers is something that must be avoided. The community must now play a role in fostering a conducive climate in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Physical and mental health of health workers is now an important issue because they are the main actors in eradicating a pandemic. Dr. Hamidah advised that nurses always think positively and do self-care, because emotional levels can trigger stress that affects the body’s immune system. (*)

Author: Intang Arifia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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