Communication students encourage society to know importance of stress release and appreciation to works of the disabled

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Represeni or Art Representation Participants and Mentor from Intuisi Kami Semua after training and consultation activity. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Represeni or art representation was an activity held by Universitas Airlangga Communication Studies students for Event Planning course. The activity had two big themes, mental health disorder and disability.

Alfina Rossa, the project manager, explained that the theme of disability was chosen because it turned out that there were quite a lot of disabled friends engaged in arts. However, there are still limited people or places that accommodate their art.

“We want to accommodate, show love by appreciating their work,” explained the student known as Rossa.

Issues related to mental health disorders are chosen because the disorders can affect anyone. Rossa continued, in a pandemic like today, many people are feeling stressed without realizing it so they can be a time bomb if left unchecked.

“This disorder is a psychological disorder that is not visible and often underestimated,” she explained.

Represeni activities were held from Tuesday (4/14/2020) to Thursday (7/5/2020) with five main events, virtual art exhibition, stress release, art jamming, disabled people have stories, and learning sign language.

Art jamming activities carried out by cooperating with Intuisi Kami Semua, an Intuition Consultant Agency engaged in the psychological field with an art approach. Art jamming activities were carried out because there are limited communities and psychological consultants who use art approach to release stress.

In the art jamming activity participants were introduced and trained to draw Mandalas. Then, from the drawings, several pictures were selected for reading their psychological and characteristic conditions.

“Mandala is a type of drawing with repetitive patterns using certain symbols,” Rossa explained.

The benefits of drawing a Mandala are to bring out negative emotions and reduce anxiety. When compared with free drawing activities, drawing Mandala has more impact on one’s psychological condition.

“Drawing a Mandala can create a state of flow or a condition where we are engrossed in an activity including self care, ” she continued.

The art jamming activity is also expected to reduce stress and negative emotions experienced by participants. Participants who participate in the activity are also expected to apply the drawing method in the future when they feel stressed.

“Hopefully, you understand your own conditions. When you should do self care, when your condition is not good. Without waiting for someone reminding you about your own conditions, “said Rossa.

Not only cooperated with Intuisi Kami Semua, Represeni also collaborated with various communities such as Surabaya Soul Society, Airlangga Photography Society (APS) UNAIR, disabled friends and Kartu Surabaya. (*)

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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