UNAIR Postgraduate School distributes aid to international students

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Human Resources Development Master’s Program student, May Moe Pwint Phyu (left), receives aid from Vice Director I, Prof. Dr. Drh. Anwar Ma'ruf, M. Kes. (right). (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Being thousands of kilometers away from home with uncertain conditions due to coronavirus pandemic did not belittle the enthusiasm of international students in completing their studies at Universitas Airlangga Postgraduate School. They continue to carry out lectures normally while implementing health protocols.

One international student, Callixte Cyuzuzo, said if he chose to remain in Surabaya to make it easier to study. Even though he was worried, the young man from Rwanda, who had lived for a year and a half, did not panic much.

“Since the coronavirus pandemic has started, lectures have been changed to an online system. So, we don’t need to go to campus and study at each boarding house. Initially, it was rather difficult, especially for us international students. Face to face lectures were easier. Then, there will be more assignments, “said the student of Immunology Master’s Program.

Like Cyuzuzo, two other international students from Human Resources Development Program (PSDM), May Moe Pwint Phyu and Zin Lin Phyu, also decided not to return to their home countries in Myanmar. Because, both of them are in the last phase of their studies and are waiting for their respective thesis exams.

“Actually, we were allowed to go home because there were no lectures and we were just waiting for the thesis examination. However, we want to stay here. Of course, I’m worried, but lately we are just in the boarding house. In addition, we also adopt a hygiene lifestyle such as wearing a mask when going out and washing hands. So, not too afraid anymore, “explained Zin Lin Phyu.

Stories of the three international students was confirmed by Head of Immunology Master’s Program (KPS), Dr. Drg. Theresia Indah Budhy S., M.Kes. She explained, the lecture activities indeed continued as usual, both learning, examinations, and guidance. It’s just that there are changes in the process from face to face to using online media.

Presentation of aid by Universitas Airlangga Postgraduate School to two international students (middle) by the ambassador, Dr. Maslichah Mafruchati, drh., MS. (left) and Vice Director I, Prof. Dr. Drh. Anwar Ma’ruf, M. Kes. (right). (Photo: By courtesy)

“We use Zoom application to conduct lectures. Not only students, lecturers also experienced some obstacles in using it. However, after further coordination, lectures can run smoothly. We also provide alternatives for students who have to research,” explained drg. Theresia.

In addition to providing alternative lectures, drg. Theresia also stressed the importance of communication with students, especially international students. It provides communication channels such as WhatsApp Group so that lecturers and students can connect with each other. If there are obstacles, students can bring them up to the group.

“Some international students, especially those who are new, do not have many friends and are not fluent in Indonesian. So, we help them as much as possible, ” she said.

Concern for international students who still have to study during the coronavirus pandemic was also demonstrated by UNAIR Postgraduate School through aid program. It was revealed by Vice Director I, Prof. Dr. Drh. Anwar Ma’ruf, M. Kes., After meeting and presenting the aid to eleven international students on Tuesday, April 24, 2020.

“The aid is a form of our concern to international students who do not return home during pandemic because they want to immediately finish their studies. There are hand sanitizer, vitamins, masks, soap, shampoo, food, and drinks, “said Prof. Anwar

He also said that international students also believed that Indonesia is still safe and would continue to implement health protocols, including social distancing, undergoing activities from home, and applying hygienic lifestyle. Not only that, UNAIR Postgraduate School has also conducted lectures as instructed by university leaderships. (*)

Author: Nabila Amelia

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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