Various efforts made by Faculty of Dental Medicine to prevent Covid-19 transmission

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Beside disinfection chamber, FKG has prepared hand-washing facilities in every corner of the campus to prevent the spread of Covid-19. (Photo: Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Various efforts were made by Faculty of Dental Medicine Universitas Airlangga (FKG UNAIR) to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Since April 6, 2020, FKG UNAIR has had a disinfection chamber placed at the entrance of Faculty of Dental Medicine.

This disinfection chamber was given directly by Denta Karya Cooperative led by Prof. Diah Savitri Ernawati, drg., M.Si., Sp.PM (K) and accepted by Dean of FKG Dr. R Darmawan Setijanto drg, M. Kes.

Not only disinfection chamber, in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in campus environment, FKG UNAIR provides four washbasins and soap. They are placed in the STOVIT 1928 park.

Covid-19 Prevention is aimed at all academicians without exception, leaders, administrative staff and other employees. Some of them still have to do activities on campus, such as holding a limited meeting.

Furthermore, the means of preventing Covid-19 was also intended for students. Even though learning is taking place online, some of them still come to campus for administrative matters. Therefore, various Covid-19 prevention facilities were provided at FKG UNAIR.

FKG is currently implementing Study from Home and Work from Home for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program students. As for professional and specialist programs, learning by touching patients is temporarily stopped. Meanwhile, for non-patient examinations and learning, they still run online.

“It is hoped that Covid-19 pandemic will be quickly resolved and learning can proceed optimally,” Darmawan said. (*)

Author: Dwi Rahmawati

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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